What was your life-changing trip? (June 25/July 5)

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A vacation can be relaxing. But it can also be life-changing. This week, stories of travel, and what we learn about ourselves on the road.

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Everyone who's ever traveled has come back with one thing - advice. Sook-Yin asks you for your travel tips.

We all love a camping trip, right? The woods... the peace... and of course, the woodland creatures. We'll find out how Sarah Hyde's camping trip became a journey of self-discovery... thanks to an encounter with the "wild" in the "wilderness."

Robin Esrock is no stranger to travel stories. He's visited over 100 countries, written about travel for various publications, and hosted his own TV show, World Travels. But what's the one moment that stands out as one of his most life-changing... and terrifying? We'll find out. (Below: Robin showing off his favourite souvenir. What the heck is it? You'll just have to tune in to find out... Photo by Chris Kelly.)

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Sook-Yin explains how she learned two things while traveling in Italy: 1) paranoia will destroy ya and 2) don't panic. (Below: Sook-Yin - on the left - at the Dario Argento Museum of Horror, just before learning her lesson.)

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Can a vacation repair a strained mother-daughter relationship? Jane Christmas and her mom gave it a try... we'll find out if it worked.

Conor Grennan took a small detour to volunteer in Nepal while on a trip around the world, but not for the most altruistic reasons - he hoped it would help him score with women. But instead, the course of his life was forever changed. Conor will tell us why he was never able to entirely leave Nepal - and the people he met there - behind. (For more on Conor's work, visit Next Generation Nepal.)

Like a lot of kids, when Candy Palmater was growing up, she went on a summer road trip with her parents. And everything was just about perfect...until something made Candy look at her family - and the way other people saw them - a little differently...

When she was 21 years old, Ruth Shead wanted to learn Spanish and save the rain forest. Instead, thanks to reading (and following) her horoscope, Ruth ended up face-to-face with machine guns, and trying to outrun a force of nature. And she'll tell us why she'd do it all again.

Saskatchewan basement band The Sheepdogs have been on the trip of their lives lately. A few months ago, Rolling Stone magazine picked them and 15 other unsigned bands to compete for two huge prizes: a recording contract with Atlantic Records and the cover of the magazine. The Sheepdogs are one of the last two bands standing... and they've already been jetting around like rock stars. They'll join us from Saskatoon to tell us about it, and play us a tune, live-in-studio. (Pictured below - the Sheepdogs in studio. And hey - make sure you vote for the Sheepdogs in the Rolling Stone contest here!)

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Harrowing vacation stories don't always need elements of near death, missed flights, or bad food to make them awful. Sometimes they just need a poorly chosen traveling partner... or partners. Deborah Lee didn't really have a choice in her traveling companions - since they were her parents... She'll tell us why it made for a less-than-relaxing vacation.

Travel philosopher and author Pico Iyer took a trip to Thailand when he was 26...before it was the tourist mecca it is today. He'll explain how that vacation turned him upside down and set him on a very different itinerary.

For a lot of us, heading out into the wild is sometimes the only way to get away from all of our technological distractions... and avoid work. But for one team of researchers, getting away from those distractions was work. Last spring, five neuroscientists went on a week-long rafting trip down a river in Utah...no wi-fi, no e-mail, no cell phones. The point of the trip was for the scientists to think about and experience what happens to our brains when we unplug ourselves from our electronic devices, and spend some time in nature. So what did they find? Sook-Yin will talk with the trip's orgranizer, David Strayer.

Natasha Pinterics is the mom of two children she loves very much. But her first family road trip with them was challenging, thanks to the unpredictable passengers in the back seat... She'll share her experiences on traveling with children - and whether she'd recommend it.

And here's this week's playlist:

A.C. Newman and Kathryn Calder - "TransCanada"
Liam Finn - "Reckless"
Tegan and Sara - "You Wouldn't Like Me"
Black Mountain - "Hair Song"
Lola Parks - "Himalayas"
Be Good Tanyas - "Light Enough to Travel"
The Sheepdogs - "How Late, How Long" (live in studio)
Weezer - "Island In the Sun"
Matt Mays - "Travellin'"
Nouvelle Vague - "Road to Nowhere"

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