What do you get from gossip? (May 28/June 7)

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Gossip can be a useful tool for finding information... or a hurtful thing. So what do we really get from gossip?

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When did you discover gossip about yourself... and what did you do about it? Sook-Yin finds out.

Gossip is often cruel... at someone else's expense... and done behind their backs. But what if you have the all the right intentions when you dish dirt on someone? That's what Nicola St. John had in mind when she passed on some scuttlebutt she had heard. She'll tell us how it worked out.

Who gossips more: men or women? Kaj Hasselriis has looked into the research on the subject - and even though you've got a 50/50 chance of being right, the answer might surprise you.

If your friends start a rumour about you as a joke, how far will it go? Brad Salyn found out, when he was "romantically entangled" - through pseudo-gossip - with a starlet.

One of the most painful teen traumas is being gossiped about as the high school "slut"... the fast girl or floozie. Author Leora Tanenbaum knows the pain of this mean-spirited gossip first hand, and she'll tell us how her experiences inspired her book Slut: Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation.

We've heard so far from people who've been the subject of gossip... and people who've spread gossip... but what about the person who STARTS gossip? Rhonda Riche tells us how she became "Patient Zero" for a little rumour about a friend...

How does a professional journalist separate news from gossip... especially in a city that thrives on both? Parliament Hill reporter Kady O'Malley tells us how she does... and how she uses the trappings of gossip to convey real news.

Have you ever spread gossip you wished you could take back? Sook-Yin takes her mic to the street for your confessions.

Most teachers don't like being gossiped about by their students. But DNTO producer (and former teacher) Joff Schmidt tells us why he embraced a bit of gossip to help him in his job.

Marlise Kast has aired a lot of other people's dirty laundry. At 21, right out of college, she became a tabloid journalist, sniffing out stories for The Globe and Star Magazine. She routinely went undercover to write juicy stories about William Shatner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone... among others. And then she stopped. Marlise explains why in her memoir Tabloid Prodigy: Dishing the Dirt, Getting the Gossip, and Selling My Soul in the Cutthroat World of Hollywood Reporting, and she'll come by to talk with us about it.

Gossip may be hurtful, but you've just gotta live with it, right? Wrong, says Sam Chapman. Sook-Yin talks with the author of The No-Gossip Zone: A No-Nonsense Guide to a Healthy, High-Performing Work Environment about how to stamp out gossip... and what happens when you do.

Sure, we all do it - dish dirt, hold hen parties (or rooster parties), network. But what happens when a simple, innocent little act becomes the talk of the town, spreading like wildfire, until it becomes an international incident? As Habiba Nosheen found out, gossip has no borders.

And here's this week's playlist:

Adele - "Rumour Has It"
Lesley Gore - "Maybe I Know"
David Vertesi - "Gentlemen Say"
Sam Roberts - "The Last Crusade"
Bobby Charles - "Small Town Talk"
Said the Whale - "Camilo (The Magician)"
Bonnie Raitt - "Something To Talk About"
Austra - "Lose It"
Lowest of the Low - "Gossip Talkin' Blues"
Alex Ernewein - "Your Own Story"
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