No joke: "Your DNTO" looks at pranks (Dec. 21)

Besides a good laugh, what's the point of your prank? This week, Your DNTO looks at the high purpose of our hijinks.

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If we're going to understand pranks, we're just going to have to pull one. So Sook-Yin unleashes the prank video below on unsuspecting DNTO producer Tori Allen...

For the last 13 years, Chris dela Torre and his best friend Jack have had an ongoing prank. And while it seems like a pretty simple prank on the surface, it's conveyed some pretty big messages over the years. Chris will explain why "Montell dropping" has become so important to him and Jack.

DNTO listener Amon share the story of pranking his mom... with some faked grand larceny.

Pranks usually make the prankster laugh. But can they have hidden benefits for the pranked? DNTO producer (and recent prank victim) Tori Allen looks into it.

Anne tells the Your DNTO hotline why you should never, ever try to prank a prankster, as she describes her backfired prank.

A few weeks ago, New York commuters saw a bunch of posters plastered all over the place. But they weren't the usual "missing" posters looking for a cat or a lost earring. These ones are looking for a missing... unicorn. We'll talk with the artist who created the posters, Camomile Hixon.

Doug Holmes tells us about the prank that went wrong... and almost ended in tragedy... and why he never pulled the "saved your life!" gag again.

We couldn't do a show about pranks without talking about the grand poobah of mischief-making, Alan Abel. In the last 50 years, he's pulled off some doozies: he invented a school for professional panhandlers; kickstarted campaigns to clothe naked animals throughout the world, ban breastfeeding, and remove Wednesday from the work week; and he once even faked his own death. And along the way, he's duped various media organizations into reporting on these pranks... as fact. We'll find out how Alan got started on the road to pranksterism...

Alexandra calls in with her story about teaching her mom a lesson... through a shocking sartorial prank.

And here's this week's playlist:

The Trews - "Can't Stop Laughing"
Jully Black - "Seven Day Fool"
The Unicorns - "I Was Born"
Dean Martin - "Ain't That a Kick In the Head"

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