This week on Your DNTO: Masters of disguise! (Nov. 9)

What can you accomplish in disguise that you can't otherwise? That's what "Your DNTO" looks at this week. Read on to see what's on the show...
DNTO listener Virginia tells her story of the power of a disguise... and a teddy bear.

There are a lot of dramatic, romantic notions around the idea of the "undercover reporter." Fake names... hidden cameras... cover stories. But what's it really like to go undercover? Toronto Star investigative reporter Dale Brazao recently went undercover to expose the living conditions at a Toronto retirement home. He'll tell us all about it.

Dan Licoppe is a standup comic. And a couple of years ago - he got his shot at the big time: the American TV show Last Comic Standing was coming to his hometown. Dan figured he needed an edge....something that would help him stand out from all the other comics. So he picked up a gorilla mask and a tuxedo and went to the audition as his alter ego: Mel Silverback (see the photo below). He'll explain what happened next.


mel silverback head shot - 2009.JPG


DNTO listener Sue shares her "costume caper" story - the tale of the "vampire chicken."

A few years back, when he was a university student, David Marchese had a pal who didn't really care much for the bouncers at bars. Where exactly, they wondered, did those guys get the authority to tell other people what to do? Dave decided to find out for himself.

DNTO listener Jane shares her story of a disguise that backfired... and left her rather embarrassed on the bus.

Over the years, Jessica Holmes has done impressions of some of the biggest figures in pop culture: Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, and Britney Spears to name a few. But she discovered - very early on - that a disguise can also be a powerful tool for other purposes.

The whole time he was growing up, George Wilkerson had a secret: he liked to dress up in women's clothing. But that finally changed when he was in his 40s. George gathered up the courage to tell his wife. Then, he put on his wig and went to a local bar. He'll tell us what happened that night.




And here's this week's playlist:

Minotaurs - "Lazy Eye"

Jewel - "Who Will Save Your Soul"

Adrienne Pierce - "Let's Pretend"

Bran Van 3000 - "This Day"

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