DNTO hugs a tree! (Sept. 18)

Okay, even if you're not hugging them, trees have a pretty profound impact on us. This week, we ask how those close encounters with our bark-skinned neighbours change us. Climb on up to this branch and join us... and read on to see what's on the show, or listen to the full podcast below (you can also download the podcast here, or get the enhanced version from iTunes).

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Sook-Yin kicks things off by getting up close and personal with a tree - by climbing it with arborist (and tree-climbing champ) Wenda Li.

It's a tree that has no roots, no leaves, and no bark... and yet it became the most significant tree in Jennifer Thuncher's life. She'll tell us the story behind her freedom tree.

People do unusual things for the love of trees. What's the strangest thing you did for a tree? Sook-Yin takes her mic to the streets to find out.

Not everyone has such a huggy-lovey relationship with trees. Jose Lourenco tells us the shocking story of the tree that ate his soccer ball.

With the possible exception of Jose, many people are very passionate about their trees... to the point that ordinary people become neighbourhood activists. Why? Clare Lawlor looks into it.

Sook-Yin will meet up with Forest City Lovers, a group who really do love forests - and they'll prove it (and play us a tune near one of their favourite trees).

Eight years ago, while celebrating a friend's birthday, Aarti Rana decided to go tobogganing. At night. On a ski hill. In the dark. She'll tell us why it was the beginning of a whole new relationship with trees.

You don't have to head out into the woods to experience the joy of being surrounded by trees - our cities are filled with them. Why are trees so important to urban dwellers? Sook-Yin heads out with City of Toronto forester Richard Ubbens for the answer.

You wouldn't think a professional tree-planter would remember one individual tree. But Anne Marie Scheffler does... because one of those little trees changed her life. She'll tell us why.

What's the one tree you'll never forget? Sook-Yin finds out.

A great actor should be able to rise to any challenge. But how did Carly Heffernan deal with the ego-crushing humiliation of playing "The Tree?" Better than you might expect - and we'll find out why.

We all have our own habits... but Todd Smith's brought him into contact with hundreds and hundreds of trees. That's because he climbed a tree every single day for over three years. Why? We'll get the answer from Todd.

Haida storyteller Roberta Kennedy explains why she made an epic journey over land and sea to spend time with one particular tree.

And here's this week's playlist:

Royal Canoe - "I Can't Lie Down"
Magnetic Fields - "Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree"
Barenaked Ladies - "Humungous Tree"
The Wilderness of Manitoba - "Orono Park"
Forest City Lovers - "If I Were a Tree" (live on DNTO)
The Roots - "Seed 2.0"
Baba Brinkman - "El Plantador" (from "Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees")
Kimya Dawson - "Tree Hugger"
Luke Doucet - "Ballad of Ian Curtis"
The Handsome Family - "Weightless Again"

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