What's on DNTO: August 7

What have you sacrificed... and was it worth it? This week, we revisit our look at what we let go, and what we gain in the process.

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When triathlete Colin Jenkins placed dead last in his event at the 2008 Olympics, he celebrated like he had lead the pack.... because he sacrificed his own standing to help a teammate medal. We'll ask him about making that sacrifice, and why it's a victory on its own.

So you've just started dating someone very special.... and then your doctor tells you you're going to have to give up kissing for the next several months. Carly Stasko will tell us why that's not such a bad thing.

Some people give up money... some give up time... some give up sleep... What compels us to self-sacrifice? Would you believe it makes you really, really happy... and science can prove it? Joff Schmidt looks into the psychology of sacrifice.

Sometimes a sacrifice is worth it. Sometimes... not really. Sook-Yin gathers your "not really" stories.

How do you feel when someone else makes a sacrifice for you? Often, kinda guilty. And you feel really, really guilty if that person never lets you forget about it. Habiba Nosheen will explain why her birthday is an annual excuse for a bit of a guilt trip from her mother.

All mothers make sacrifices - and some even leave their children behind in hopes of providing them with a better life. As a young single mother, Mirna Fernandez decided she would have to leave her three little girls in the Philippines as she worked abroad as a domestic caregiver. Mirna and her daughter Haniely Pableo will tell us their story.

Many of us give up a lot for our jobs... but for journalists, that sometimes means dying for your work. Sook-Yin will talk with investigative journalist Terry Gould, author of Murder Without Borders: Dying For the Story In the World's Most Dangerous Places.

Laurie Dawson hates horror movies. But she was willing to sacrifice her nerves - and some sleep - to watch one with horror-movie-loving fiancée. But it ended up being a bit of a sacrifice on his part, too... She'll tell us her story.

Few people are asked to sacrifice as much for their job as soldiers. Warrant Officer Patrick Tower was there when his close friend Sergeant Vaughn Ingram was killed in battle in Afghanistan. He'll take us back to the day in 2006 when his friend made an incredible sacrifice for his fellow soldiers.

When she was younger, Elizabeth Shepherd loved being part of a Salvation Army band. But when she was 17, she felt she had to leave. And even though she now tours the world as a professional musician, she still has regrets about giving it up. She'll tell us why, and play us a tune live-in-studio.

Sook-Yin will share her story of learning that sometimes, you don't know what you're giving up until it's already gone.

You'd think that giving up half of your house and many of your possessions might diminish you... but Hannah Salwen claims the opposite happened when her family downsized their home and gave away half the money they made. She'll tell us why.

And here's this week's playlist:

Gin Wigmore - "Don't Stop"
Skydiggers - "Slow Burning Fire"
Gregory Isaacs - "Sacrifice"
Joni Mitchell - "Little Green"
Young Artists for Haiti - "Wavin' Flag"
Tiken Jah Fakoly - "Quitte le Pouvoir"
Alex Cuba - "If You Give Me Love"
Idgets - "Song For an Ex-Christian"
Elizabeth Shepherd - "Just Getting By" (live in studio)
Tiga - "(Far From) Home"

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