What's on DNTO: August 28

We're knocking on the bathroom door to find out what's really going on in there. In theory, it's the most private of spaces... but in practice, many of us are doing very public things in the bathroom.

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The bathroom isn't so private when you share it. So what does your partner/roommate/mom do in the bathroom that drives you crazy? Sook-Yin takes to the street to find out.

Aside from the bathroom at home, you're probably most familiar with the one in your workplace. And chances are there are a few things about that space you'd change if you could. DNTO producer Tori Allen thought just that - so she enlisted the help of consultant (and washroom guru) Kate Rutter to give the CBC washroom a simple makeover. We'll find out how it worked out.

"Everyone writes on the walls but me." That's a clever bit of graffiti that was found - on a wall - in the ruins of Pompeii. Tells you something about the writer, doesn't it? Good sense of irony, for one thing. So what does the graffiti found in bathrooms on a military base tell you about the war in Afghanistan - and the mindset of the people fighting it? Journalist Steve Featherstone took a particular interest in the bathroom graffiti he found overseas - and he'll tell us what he learned from it all.

When the current lineup of the Wailin' Jennys sang together for the first time, it was in a bathroom. And from that moment on, they knew they were meant to be together. The Jennys will join us - from a CBC bathroom - with that story, and a song. (And click View image for a pic of the Jennys in their "performing space.")

Ivan Coyote shares a story of gender identity and shame in the washroom.

When it comes to bathroom drama,Todd Simmons has seen it all. Or at least, he's seen a lot of it. Today he's a writer, actor and real estate agent. But for years he had a regular gig as a restroom attendant in exclusive New York nightclubs and restaurants. He'll tell us some of the lessons he learned from the job.

Mark Ferem has taken a close look at many bathrooms. He spent ten years traveling around the world taking photos of washroom walls and stalls. He collected those images and his thoughts on latrinalia in a book titled Bathroom Graffiti. He'll tell us what he's learned from the collective wisdom on bathroom walls.

Bathrooms serve one (or two) fairly obvious purposes. Unless you're Dakshana Bascaramurty.  One day, she accidentally discovered that the bathroom actually had a greater purpose: nap room. She'll tell us what happened when she revealed herself as a "bathroom napper."

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But it's no laughing matter for people with illnesses like Adam's - ulcerative collitis. So what happens when you have a medical condition that means you sometimes have to find a bathroom, pronto - but you can't? He'll tell us his story.

Diane Flacks will explain why seedy, grungy, beer-stinking bathrooms make her think of the sweet, giddy thrill of new love.

The washroom is a great place to get cultured. And no, we're not talking about leafing through the latest edition of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. Sook-Yin will talk with DB Boyko, one of the creators of Stall - a new musical piece performed entirely in a public bathroom.

Sometimes, even your own bathroom has a few surprises in it. Like the time Evan Wilson found himself asking: "just who is in my shower?" He'll tell us his story.

And here's this week's playlist:

Janelle MonĂ¡e - "Tightrope"
Other People - "Wind-Up Robots"
Wailin' Jennys - "Bring Me a Lil' Water Sylvie" (live in the CBC bathroom)
Modest Mouse - "Gravity Rides Everything"
The English Beat - "Mirror in the Bathroom"
Masia One - "Return of the Bgirl"
Wham! - "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"
Little Miss Higgins - "Wash These Blues Away"
Ben Gunning - "Take the Hook"
Cowboy Junkies - "Stranger Here"

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