What's on DNTO: July 10

So... how are you? Nice weather we're having, huh? Yep... everyone hates "small talk." But what if we told you small talk could SAVE YOUR LIFE? And what if we proved it? Sounds like a good idea for a show, doesn't it?

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Believe it or not, small talk really did save Annamarie Ausnes' life. We'll hear from her and her "small talk hero" - Sandie Andersen.

Small talk isn't just a way to kill time during your working day. It may be a big part of the key to your success. Clare Lawlor talk to actor Stuart Knight and others to find out why.

When Laura Mayer asks "How are you doing?" she really, really wants to know the answer. We'll talk with the creator of the "How Are You Doing?" Project.

Grant Lawrence is not a fan of small talk. Or at least, he wasn't... until it gave him a chance to hob-nob with Hollywood stars on Broadway. He'll tell us how it happened.

Sook-Yin will tell us her story of "small talk terror" at the hands of two giants on Canadian culture... Michael Ondaatje and Stuart McLean. And then she'll turn it over to you, to find out how you break the ice.

It's impossible to have a meaningful conversation with strangers in an elevator. But Sook-Yin loves a challenge. So she'll attempt some "big talk" on her local lift.

Fred Eaglesmith comes from a long tradition of singer/songwriters where the stories between songs are often as important as the songs themselves. So what's it like bantering with a crowd? We'll ask Fred, when he visits the DNTO studio to play us a tune.

Sometimes we start out with best small talk intentions... but what happens when you hit a conversational dead end? Johan Hultqvist of Toronto band Mr. Something Something made an attempt to break through to the other side that didn't go as planned. He'll tell us his story.

Although it may sometimes be awkward, small talk is harmless enough, right? Maybe not. We'll talk with Nathanael Fast, a research who's uncovered a dark side to chit-chat.

Dawn Dumont found out the hard way that something as simple as "How are you doing?" can be a very loaded question. She'll tell us what happened.

How do you make small talk with a Beatle? Or Bob Dylan? Chris O'Dell's job put her in those kind of situations all the time. She'll tell us how she handled it.

And here's this week's playlist:

Tegan and Sara - "Alligator"
Land of Talk - "Some Are Lakes"
Hannah Georgas - "Let's Talk"
Hot Hot Heat - "Talk To Me, Dance With Me"
Reid Jamieson - "End of the World Small Talk"
Immaculate Machine - "Small Talk"
Fred Eaglesmith - "Careless" (live in studio)
Mr. Something Something - "Sound the Alarm"
Buck 65 - "Indestructible Sam"
R.E.M. - "Pop Song 89"
George Harrison - Miss O'Dell

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