Get ready for the swarm on this week's DNTO!

Hey everyone,

This week's DNTO is all about our relationship with our six-legged friend (or foe), the insect.

Besides hearing from people who were genuinely bugged by bugs (like Jennifer Quist's battle with the fearsome "tarsand beetle"), we'll also hear from some people who've tried to form more constructive relationships with the insect world... like artist Elaine Parks.

Tune in this weekend to hear how she turned the annual invasion of "Mormon crickets" in her Nevada hometown into art.

And to give you a taste, here's a pic from her art installation, "Swarm," which "consists of over 1,000 larger-than-life-sized clay crickets that cover the entire floor and ascend the walls of the gallery."

Swarm by Elaine Parks sized.jpg

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