What's on DNTO: Jan. 16

Feeling guilty is a terrible thing. Or is it? As bad as it might feel, guilt also has the power to motivate us to do positive things. So this week, we look at guilt's power to drive us to action... and why it's so strong.

To start with, we'll hear from Andrea and David, two people who moved in together, broke up... and found out that you can put a price on guilt. Sort of.

What are you guilty of? Sook-Yin takes her mic to the street to find out.

It's a feeling every parent is familiar with: feeling guilty for making your child feel guilty. But can that play a positive role in child development? Guilt-stricken mom Rachel Sanders looks into it. (And for more on the subject, check out comedian Elizabeth Beckwith's website.)

One of the things that makes guilt so powerful is that it's so darn persistent... one split-second decision can haunt you for the rest of your life. Grant Lawrence tells us about his... and why he still feels shame every time he sees R2-D2.

Jann Arden has a reputation for being open and frank in her concerts - which are almost as much stand-up as music performance. So what does she feel guilty about? We'll ask her.

How do you handle the guilt of causing a death? That's the overwhelming question Heather Charlton has lived with her entire adult life. She'll tell us her story... and the positive places a terrible decision has lead her.

Feeling guilty is bad. So why do we lay guilt trips on other people? Sook-Yin heads to the street to find out when you did a good job of making someone else feel bad.

There are as many kinds of guilt as colours in a rainbow. You got yer middle-class guilt, yer Catholic guilt, yer mother's guilt... and of course, Jewish guilt. So why do so many people and cultures claim ownership over guilt? We'll ask Michael Wex, author of How To Be a Mentsh.

Sook-Yin will tell us her story of enduring guilt... and how it's become her "crazy logical" way of making sense of a tragedy.

Do you ever feel green... with guilt? We'll hear from Gwen Schantz, an environmentalist who confesses her green sins in a very public way.

When Sima Calkin escaped from Afghanistan, she didn't realize that 22 years later she'd still be looking for a way to escape from her guilt over having survived the hardships there. She'll tell us about the surprising way she's dealt with that guilt.

It's one thing to deal with guilt for something you've done. But how do you deal with "inherited guilt?" That's the question Hannah Moscovitch deals with in her hit play, East of Berlin. Sook-Yin will talk with Hannah about living with "the sins of the father."

And here's this week's playlist:

Sarah Harmer - "Your Cheatin' Heart"
A.C. Newman - "Changling"
Martha and the Muffins - "Life's Too Short To Long For Something Else"
Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling"
Jann Arden - "Free"
The Paper Cranes - "Middle Class Guilt"
Wilf Carter - "Guilty Conscience"
Sook-Yin Lee - "I Think Of You"
Beastie Boys - "Get It Together"
K'Naan - "Somalia"

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Reeally enjoyed this episode. I admired your honesty, very brave.

Was there a website you mentioned which let you post things you did or said and felt guilt about and have the reader decide if you should feel guilty? I'd like to check it out.


Maureen, January 30, 2010 9:57 PM
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