Hawksley "The Manimal" Workman on DNTO!

Hi Peeps,

Ms. Lee here. This week we are working on a show all about our unusual relationship with our pets, specifically wondering "who's the boss of who?" Our beloved domesticated animal friends may be cute and cuddly, but wow, are they ever demanding! And if they don't get exactly what they want, there will be hell to pay. So who's wagging who?

Musician Hawksley Workman pays us a visit. By extension, we got to talking about civilized MAN vs. our ANIMAL within. Here in his natural habitat (the CBC Broadcast Centre, of course!) is Hawksley telling me about the most difficult part of his body to groom.

Be sure to tune in to "You and your pet: who's wagging who?" on DNTO this Saturday Jan 23, 2-4PM on CBC Radio 1.



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