What's on DNTO: Nov. 21

Are we at our most productive when we're playing? This week, we talk to people who might convince you that we are.

So a radio host walks out on to the street with a couple of pillows... Will Sook-Yin be able to convince anyone to engage in a little playful pillow fight?

How could walking into a restaurant, talking like a pirate, go wrong? Tim Norris, a.k.a. comedian Big Daddy Tazz, will explain how. Yaaaaar!

If work met play at a cocktail party, one of them would end up with a drink in their face. Clare Lawlor examines the ethical and psychological battle between work and play and stumbles across a diplomatic solution.

Is your workplace a little drab? Joyless, even? A few Tiger Beat posters will take care of that problem. Seth Sazant will tell us how he went undercover to make his office a little more playful.

Do you ever look at a group of kids playing, and think "I'd sure like to be doing that"? Like going back to kindergarten... or summer camp...? Writer Robin Hemley looked back at his youth, and decided there were certain things he'd like to "do-over." So he did. He'll tell us what he learned about "play" by going back to his childhood... literally.

Play isn't all fun and games... it can have a very powerful effect in very dark situations. Sedick Isaacs was locked up and tortured in South Africa's infamous Robben Island prison for 13 years, alongside other anti-apartheid prisoners like Nelson Mandela and current president Jacob Zuma. One of the things that helped them survive those years was running and playing in a prisoner football league. He'll tell us how.

Grown-ups often just aren't as good at playing as kids. So how has your idea of "play" changed since you were young? Sook-Yin takes her mic to the street to find out.

Playing can be fun. Playing can be great stress relief. Playing can also be an excellent tool for revenge. Lisa Schwartzman will explain how.

Play can also be a way to make a statement. Sook-Yin will talk with Shamez Amlani from Streets Are for People! about delivering a message through play... and find out just how much fun you can have in an empty parking spot.

Music is something that we "play" - but some bands are more playful than others. We'll hear from Duplex!, a Vancouver band where adults and kids play together. The big kids and little kids will drop by the studio to talk about making music, and to play us a song.

Most kids play pretty natrually. But if you weren't a "player" as a kid, can you learn how it works as an adult? Vincent Champagne will tell us his story.

And here's this week's playlist:

Todd Rundgren - "Bang the Drum All Day"
Bobby Valentin - "Use It Before You Lose It"
Everything All the Time - "Lazy Days"
Fun - "At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)"
K'Naan - "Wavin' Flag (Celebration Mix)"
A.M. - "Boom Snap Clap"
Lederhosen Lucil - "Doin' the Ganglion"
Parachute Club - "Rise Up"
The Mohawk Lodge - "Making Music"
Duplex! - "That's How We Make a Sandwich" (live in studio)

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I loved the Sandwich song by Duplex! It totally made me smile.

Anson Chappell, December 5, 2009 10:04 PM
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