DNTO has...Etiquette!

Hey y'all syl here. This week's DNTO is all about etiquette. Here's a little video to get the ball rolling.

Silly! I know. But actually on this week's show we are going to ask the startling question: "can etiquette (which sounds strangely like Connecticut) save your life?

The show begins in one of the most surprisingly polite places around. Winnipeger Michael Van Rooey explains how etiquette kept him safe while he was in jail.

Globe and Mail foreign correspondent Graeme Smith (read about the Emmy Award Graeme and the Globe won here) explains how learning the local etiquette kept him alive in Afghanistan.

Also…is someone being rude by talking too loudly on their cell phone? Ever feel like ripping the thing out of their hands and dropping it down a sewer? Clare Lawlor explains the ins and outs of etiquette vigilanteism.

DNTO, because everyone has a story…about etiquette.

Make sure you check back in on Saturday!

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