Apr. 9/09: What do you believe in?

What do you believe in that you can't prove?

I'm a believer. In fact, I believe I had the ability to communicate with my cat Oscar. Oscar lived with me her entire life. In many ways she was my best friend and like a daughter to me. My very hairy grey daughter.

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and distinterested in people, but I disagree. Oscar was a very demonstrative and sweet girl. We played games together like, "Hey Sook-Yin, when I sneak up to you and touch my paw on your foot, I want you to chase me."

Those were good times.

We also played fetch and slept in the same bed. Often when I was sad and crying, Oscar would come up to me and lick the tears off my face and kiss me. Now a rational non-believer would claim according to evolutionary theory or some such nonsense, she was just thirsty, or craving sodium in her diet, but come on! Oscar had a bowl of water in the kitchen she coulda drunk from instead! All I know is my emotional connection with Oscar the cat was real. I'm blessed to have known such a supremely gentle and loving being.

So what do you believe in? This week, we'll get the lowdown on such unprovables as mother's intuition (courtesy of DNTO contributor Rachel Sanders), karma (you won't believe who believes in that...), and comedian Dawn Dumont's belief in the power of astrology to get you a date.

And we'll give the "non-believers" a chance to weigh in when we talk with super-skeptic Michael Shermer. He's the publisher of Skeptic magazine... so you know he'll have a thing or two to say about what we believe in.

So make sure you tune in for the show, or download the podcast.

And hey - let us know what you believe by leaving a comment below!


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Many reports of streetlight interference are here: http://amasci.com/weird/unusual/sli.html
Look around the rest of the site as well; there is a lot of good stuff there.

Ian Oliver, April 11, 2009 8:38 PM

I've also noticed (as one of the speakers on your show) that occasionally street lights turn off as I pass underneath them and turn back on as I get further away. I once shared this with my brother who told me that it was my imagination and this wasn't really occurring. As we drove off and stopped at the end of the street, the light at the corner went out. My brother then looked at me and told me I was a freak.

Andre Laprade, April 11, 2009 9:48 PM

I think I had the same kind of connection with my family's late collie-sheltie dog Sarah.

Perhaps she would disagree, but I think it was true.

My brother's calico cat is also like that (in addition to possessing a predisposition to overaffectionate-ness akin to a big ol' puppy dog)...

Jeff O'Connell, April 12, 2009 7:39 PM

I've heard many people say that street lights turn off when they walk past. This has happened to me as well. Every night on my way home from work I could be near certain that one of two [or both] lights would turn off as I walked past. However there's a perfectly logical explanation. Street lights run on a timer to prevent them from getting too hot and burning out. Nothing supernatural about it. Just think of how many streetlights you walk past. You're bound too coincide with the timer occasionally [and if you're on a schedule like me, possibly every night]
I wish I could say I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but to tell you the truth I rather enjoy debunking beliefs in the supernatural. Now if only I could find a way to prove that there's no god.

tom, April 14, 2009 11:29 PM
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