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Dispatches cancelled. Your comments Part Nine

Due to CBC budget cuts, Dispatches will go off the air in June. Here is another selection of your comments to us about that. (others below)  Add yours, (Dispatches@cbc.ca) and please tell us where you are writing from.


Holly Johnson, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario:

I grew up listening to CBC radio, and have heard many programs come and go. But this time, I feel that I must lodge a protest. I was horrified when my mother told me of the cancellation of Dispatches. She listens to the Thursday broadcast, while I listen to the podcast.

If CBC is concerned about appealing to young people, this is the wrong program to cut. I am  a millenial, and Dispatches is the most relevant program that CBC produces, out of all their radio and television broadcasts.

Dispatches is one of the things that makes me proud to be Canadian. It is a symbol of how Canada relates to the world. As the program tells the stories of people from every country - their hopes, their tragedies, their loves, their fears - it makes listeners feel as if they were hearing the stories of their neighbours.

I have vivid memories of listening to CBC broadcasts on the first Gulf War, Bosnia and many other stories that as a child and feeling as if I was there. Rick MacInnes Rae was one of the voices who told those stories. His narration on Dispatches, between quality documentaries, interviews and reports, makes me see the world in that same vivid way again. Thank you, to Rick, to all those who work behind the scenes and all those who produce the stories on the field. Dispatches truly has brought me the world.


Michael de Montreuil, Clinton, BC:

What a profound shame that dispatches has been cancelled, and that foreign news offices are being closed. I fear that, if the cuts continue, CBC will become a consumer of news rather than a source.

Lindsay D. Scarborough, On:

i've listened to dispatches for years--i listen in the kitchen while i cook or do the dishes, or in the car (often arriving at my destination but staying in the car until a story is done!), or listening to the podcasts while i'm on the bus or subway. i've even gushed about you on my facebook page to encourage others to tune in!

i feel so privileged to hear all the reports and get an inside view--or just a view, period--into all kinds of issues & lives in all corners of the world.

thank you so much.

Karen Linnett, Toronto:

Nothing really good seems to hang around long enough. I will have serious withdrawal problems when Dispatches is gone. Nonetheless, I am enormously grateful for all the valuable programs, the knowledge, the humanity, that you have given me and all the other listeners. Like one other fan I heard today, I often listened to the program twice.


Lorraine Koren, Vancouver:

      Rick et al,

I have so much enjoyed your program over these years. It always rang true with a certain gritty honesty - felt very much like a chance to get into the real issues ordinary people are facing around the world. Your format, your manner and the issues chosen are so important. I hope you find another venue to do this vital work.

Samantha Lloyd, PhD Student, Physics & Astronomy
University of Victoria:


I am devastated. I feel that Dispatches and its correspondents have taught me more about global current events and history than the public school system ever could and its departure will certainly detract from the acute global awareness of its followers. Context is essential for understanding, and the minute long news bites that make up today's mainstream news broadcasts, often including The National, can't be compared to the in-depth and often personal accounts relayed by your correspondents.

You can imagine that there isn't very much media that young people are willing to pay for anymore, but yours is a program that I would be willing to pay for to have the privilege of listening in every week. As a student who can't afford the opportunity to travel and observe for myself, Dispatches truly did bring me the world.

Patricia Winston, Montréal, QC:

I cannot express deeply enough how sorry I am that 'Dispatches' has been cancelled due to the Federal Government's budget cuts.  It is devastating news.  I have been listening to your programme for years and the sound of your voice on the airwaves and the reports you related brought us all closer to the world stage.

 I feel I am losing a friend.  I wish you luck in whatever your future plans may be and I hope you know that 'Dispatches' will be sorely missed.  
Qui Tacet Consentit-Who is Silent Consents


Sarah Godoy, Vancouver:

I can't write a lot right now because I am crying too hard.  This show is essential - it is one of the greatest programs, which, in turn makes the CBC great....I grew up with the CBC, and have been proud for my tax dollars to support this quality program.

Today I am a mother and part of a mixed culture family.  How special it feels to occasionally hear stories from my husband's country - and how much I have learned about other parts of the world via this programme. 

DISPATCHES is a legacy I want for my child.  I simply cannot accept that this is cancellation is happening.  I'll fight to the end for the CBC, but if Dispatches goes the CBC will lose a lot of the fight in me.  Just that much less to fight for.


Stephen Anderson, Calgary:

...Dispatches has been a regular pleasure for me for many years now and has always been very informative and entertaining with it's diverse subjects and sources.
Your program has featured many great stories from areas of the World that I otherwise may not have been aware of and am disappointed in the cuts suffered by one of the World's great radio broadcasting institutions. ..

Don't go down without a good fight ! I'd much rather have the CBC healthy and active than the fighter jets that will cost us much much more. After all, knowledge is the most powerful force there is. Please help show that the pen is mightier than the sword.


Tom Walker, Bragg Creek, Alberta:

 Well we elected these guys, We gave them a mandate to do" the job".So now they're doing.... "The Job".
But I can tell you this -  based on what I've seen them do with the mandate. I'll be first in line at the poles to hold them accountable for this and a number of other funding maneuver. I kinda think I'll not be alone in this... Stephen  get your resume in order you just might need it. ( previous conservative prime ministers remain famous for major mistakes made Dief and Mulroney are very good examples .... Is this yours, Mr Harper?


Anne Spencer, Victoria BC:

Just wanted to let you know how sorry i am that this show is being cut. I listen to it every week - love the intro music, and RM<R as the host. I take the podcast on one of my daily walks and it's as good as a course on foreign happenings. We're getting to be like the states in not having good info about foreign news...Now I will have to reply on From your own Correspondent and other BBCprogramme podcasts.

Anyway, good luck and thanks again.


Diana Raynor, Gibsons, BC:

Dear Dispatches.  It was with disbelief that I learned you would be no more.  Your program has always seemed to me to be the epitome of broadcast journalism ... intelligent, humane, compassionate, honest, kind ... and with no journalist's ego getting between myself and the story being told. 

Your program has long been one of my favourites, the same for my daughter, Kate, now travelling the world partly fuelled by curiosity fuelled by programs such as yours.  Oh please ask the CBC to make cuts in the awful background music they keep playing on other shows or cut some of the less than wonderful television programs.  Radio is so precious, and you are of the best of radio.  Thank you. 


Pat Higinbotham, BC:

I don't even know where to start.

with my outrage at the federal government for the CBC budget cuts, and my dismay at the loss of your show. Are we supposed to now entrust our world view to anyone with a smart phone, tablet or other internet connection?
I feel bereft, and I'll leave it at that, for now. Thank you. Bless you.

Carole MacInnis, Port Hawkesbury, NS:

Dispatches was the eyes for our ears with stories from countries all over the world;  always so very interesting and informative.  A bad decision for the powers to be to cancel this wonderful show.  It will be missed by  CBC audiences.


Evelyn Fox, Chilliwack, B.C.

 After hearing that Dispatches has been cancelled, I have finally conceded that the CBC has totally lost its way.

For as long as I can remember, every radio in our home has been dialed to the CBC. For year after year, we have trusted you to bring us the best in objective news reporting and the most interesting and honest stories but now it seems, in seeking to become a commercially viable radio network, you have sacrificed the genuine for the popular, the valuable for the trifling...


Don Frenette, Victoria:

I am sorry at the CBC decision to cancel. I will miss that program and the signature voice of Rick M-R.

Louise K, Toronto:

 ...  As a teacher of English in a high school just north of the city, I always encouraged my students to broaden their perspectives by listening to Dispatches.  It was especially vital for the creative writing class, and the bright, young minds always wrote something thoughtful after a discussion about what they had heard the night before.

I am going to miss this show very much, and I can't think of another CBC show that is able to provoke thought, entertain and inform as well as yours does about international affairs.  Thank you for your years of hard work, and many thanks to everybody who worked with you.


Jim Maitre, Revelstoke, BC:

Dear Sir,

My condolences for the imminent end to your fine program. At a time when globalization needs to be understood more than ever, such a contrary, dumbing down initiative smacks of being penny wise but pound foolish. Hopefully there will be another similar production in the future. Thank you for many years of bringing perspective to my life.


Dispatches should never have been cancelled.


Nicola Carmichael, Richmond, BC:

Dear Rick,
I am totally dismayed and disgusted to hear that your show has been cancelled.  It makes absolutely no sense!  Such an informative and interesting show should NOT be taken away.   Your reports are always insightful, thought provoking - often to the point of tears - and provide a window to parts of the world that we would not otherwise "see".  The day of your last show will be a very sad day indeed.

Diane Estabrook, Summerland:



Sandy Ingham, Vancouver:

 Have listened to Dispatches pretty much every week since the show started. I am saddened and concerned that its multitude of unique voices will be silenced. The format of Dispatches gave the Canadian listener compassionate yet clear-eyed coverage of important international issues through the eyes of the individual people involved. Can't understand why this show will end shortly.

Chrastina Judy:

Can't bear it...  Dispatches is such a part of my CBC...
I love to travel myself and I have enjoyed travelling with you and learning more about the world through your eyes... Thank you for what you have shared with me and good luck in the future

Colleen Driscoll, Nelson BC: 

Hi Rick and crew
....Rick, you have made laugh and made me cry..You have brought me the world with grace and understanding...I podcast your show and listen as I walk downtown Nelson. You help me realize I am so blessed to love in Nelson, BC and in Canada.You helped open my eyes to good and the bad in this big world we live in..Please know you will be missed- I hope you will continue to work for CBC. Your voice is reassuring in this unsettled world we live in....Come visit Nelson on your way to Tofino....You could do a speaking series on your adventures....
Thank you,Thank you, Thank you ....


Phyllis Webster, Victoria, BC:

...I feel as if a window onto the world has been slammed in my face. It is one of the best sources of excellent information on issues which are not often covered.

I listened online while I lived in Argentina earlier in the year and was so interested in interviews with two people, one who was tortured and one who tortured  and their reconciliation.  I wish the Argentines had heard it because La Guerra Sucia continues to echo through that beautiful and haunted country.  Thank you for helping us understand the world!


John Kittridge, Brantford, ON:

Dear Rick,
... The decision to cancel such a fine programme, one which delivers a crucially important message, is just about as wrong-headed as it gets. Dispatches brings us the world in a way that is immediate and relevant to Canadians.

As an immigrant Canadian, I am often surprised and a little disappointed by the parochial outlook in evidence in daily life, this despite the fact that Canadians live in the world's most successful multi-cultural society, a true multi-cultural mosaic.

Dispatches presents the Global Village in a rich and nuanced way, true to the original meaning of the term, which implied intimacy, understanding and acceptance of diversity. Sadly, the interpretation of Global village favoured by the present government and, lamentably, by the decision makers at the CBC suggests an existence of ignorance derived from isolation, a village of the Dark Ages remade in the age of near-instant communication.

The loss of Dispatches is a very sad step in the evolution of CBC programming, dragging us down and backwards toward the mind-numbing fare that is the darling of government and business, the antithesis of growth and true progress. As the song said, 'We are devo, d-e-v-o'.
With many thanks for a job well done.

Jean Gaucher:

I join the ever-lengthening list of listeners who are appalled and dismayed to hear that the axe has fallen on, arguably, the very best of radio shows produced by CBC.  Rick has been the perfect host for this intelligent, wide-ranging and informative "window on the world". 
I can understand that some cuts were required, but why cut the brightest and the best?  It will be sorely missed by many.

 Geoff Rowe, Ottawa:

 My family and I have been regular listeners of Dispatches,it's long been a favourite of ours.  We are going to miss it.I don't know how to go about finding a replacement for it.

John McIntyre, Kelowna:

Dear Dispatches and Rick,

I was mortified when I heard you were being cancelled.  As a retired Social Studies high school teacher, and one who has done considerable traveling around the world, your program brought real concerns of real people in less fortunate countries to us.  What better way to educate Canadians, who have never travelled and don't "get it", about how good we have it here, and how compassionate we should be towards those who are struggling.  The gov't has made a huge mistake.  I'm writing  to our Min. of Foreign Affairs and the PM.  Best Wishes,  J Mc


Steven Mirra:

Since I discovered Dispatches 3 years ago, it has been such a source of education, and always look forward to a new podcast every Thursday.

This US citizen will be sad to see this program go. It is a shame that the US doesn't have thought provoking, educating programs like this. I will be downloading all the podcasts I can to revisit and learn about how complex our world can be.


Brian Sorel, Bedford, Quebec:

Thanks for the many hours of great informative shows. I am at a loss on how a decision is made to cut one of,in my opinion the best programs on CBC radio. For that matter on any public funded radio network. It' a sad day for public broadcasting in Canada. All the best Rick and everyone who made it the great program it is.


Gwen Chute, Belcarra:

I am stunned and saddened .... there is something truly evil at work here .... Thankyou so much for such extraordinary programming ..... I hate feeling so helpless!   The 'aid' to Mali is over $110,000,000.00 per year  ..... and they cut the CBC?  Please don't disappear .... only transform!  Run for MP in my riding (Mr. Moore's)!

Thanks again.


John Main, Bobcaygeon, On:

It is with great disappointment that I learn of CBCs decision to end this program. I have enjoyed listening to Dispatches for a long time. It has been a great window on the world outside Canada and as far as I'm concerned, has been a great service to Canadians. It is one of those programs that makes us different from our neighbours to the south who seem to largely live in a bubble with little   perspective on the world outside their borders.
I see the systematic crippling of CBC by our government as a regressive and devious agenda to dumb down the Canadian public.

Clive, Winnipeg:

Dispatches is the preeminent current affairs show on radio and will be sadly missed by this Winnipeg listener. I don't know why the CBC couldn't cut something like one episode of Doyle which would probably pay for ten seasons of a quality radio programme like this one.

I have a suspicion that this is more of a cut your nose off to spite the Government rather than any rational decision-making.

Thanks a million for all the past good work.

Emilie and Warner Aeyelts, Tappen, BC:

 Dear Rick and crew,

 ... Your program was always so very welcome in a world where we mostly receive our information in 8 seconds soundbites and very little background or follow-up on the news items.

One of the things that we do so much better here than in the States for example is that we do care about what happens in the rest of the world and that we want to be well informed  and educated about developments that impact our fellow humans all over the globe. For that reason alone your program should be continued and if anything , there should be more of it. We will miss you terribly.


Roxanne Yanishewski, Prince George, BC:

 I want to say thank you for the many wonderful shows you have provided.  Your show elevated CBC's intellectually in a way that few other programs could.  You have helped me to move beyond sterotypes about  religions, cultures, and countries to a deeper understanding of and empathy for the people who live in the various areas you have covered.  I am extremely grateful for the education you have given me.  I will miss you dearly.  And I will be fighting for you continuation.


Glen Nicholson, Prince George, BC:

     Dear Dispatches,

I hope that CBC will respond to the outcry and reverse its decision to
kill Dispatches.  Not only is your program one of the truly great shows
(such as Ideas) but it performs the extraordinary function of bringing
together people from all around the world.  Xenophobia (underlying
racism) is one of the biggest threats to civilization and peace.

You generate empathy by turning people of foreign cultures into our
neighbours.  This is the best form of peacekeeping.  By taking us into
small villages around the world, you make the entire world a local
place; this is the very best kind of local programming.

I hope you will let CBC know that Dispatches is too important to cancel.

If you must leave the air, then please accept my thanks.


Val Koziol, Toronto: 

Hi Rick,

I can't express how disappointed I am that your wonderful show is being cut.  I just can't figure it out ... this is intelligent radio, it covers the world, the quality is consistently high ... I am very sad and disappointed that government cutbacks and CBC management decisions have led to the demise of your program.  We will mourn this loss, and we will not forget what led to it.

I wish you all the best -- you're the best.

Take care,


Mark Anderson, P.Eng. Water Quality Engineer, Cambridge ON:

 Harper's recent cuts to CBC have upset me greatly and I almost hit the roof when I found out that Dispatches was a casualty in Harper's war on public broadcasting.  I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Rick MacInnes-Rae and the rest of the Dispatches team for doing such a brilliant job of bringing us stories from across the world.  I am furious that the Harper government has no regard for Canadian culture and believes that we don't need to know what's going on in the world.


Catherine Thompson, Cambridge ON:

HI Rick,
I am so angry and sad that Dispatches has been axed. It is my favorite show because of the truth, integrity and depth of the reporting. I learn so much from the show and appreciate how thoughtful and thought-provoking it is. Increasingly, news is reduced to a short sound bite about North American culture.

Even the National is not as critical as it used to be. It is the CBC's responsibilty to inform our citizens about events and situations that impact the world and our country. More and more I hear people talking about fluff---who is in style etc. as though it is all important to our lives.

Canadians love to talk about how ignorant Americans are, but we are going to be as bad or worse without programmes like yours. It is in the government's best interests that the CBC dies and the CBC will be irrelevant if it only has "commerical programmes" and not informative material. I don't understand why the CBC is doing the government's dirty work.   I hope that the fight isn't over. Thanks so much for all you have done for our country and all your listeners,


Randy Goldman, Mississauga, ON:

...I love the show. These small, unique stories from around the world connect me to places I will never visit and often never hear about in any other media or radio show.  It is incredible to hear stories of how people persevere in the face of hardships and to hear about the small successes that happen in places from which we usually hear only negative reports. Rick MacInnes-Rae is an excellent host and interviewer. I hope that there is a role for him at CBC 1 after Dispatches is off the air.

Perhaps Dispatches can return in the future when a more compassionate government takes control in Ottawa. ... If it wasn't for the CBC, I wouldn't be as connected with  my city, region, the country and the world. Thank  you Dispatches for what you have brought to my life and thank you CBC for continuing to help me to be aware of the world around me.


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