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Dispatches cancelled. Your comments Part Seven

 Due to CBC budget cuts, Dispatches will go off the air in June. Here are some more of your comments about that. (others below)  Add yours, and please tell us where you are writing from.


Annabelle Twilley Richardson:

This from an old woman in Perth.

You most certainly "Brought me the world" to paraphrase. What I particularly valued were the varied perspectives of the reporters, who certainly weren't "white bread". Loved your theme with that guitar that, in my imagination, had me travelling back roads to isolated places, in a jeep, wearing  a backpack, as a guide....the reporter....shared how important the events happening out there on the fringes, were to all of us.
"As It Happens"  and (others) can't do what you have been accomplishing; managing to interpret and share the viewpoint of those in those far flung places. Their's is the viewpoint of the North American midddle-class, with the selection of topics, made in consideration as to what this audience would find palatable. Often its news we have already heard, frequently first on Dispatches.
Shame on the CBC for not even trying to find some way to keep this little program going, such as digitally. Any hope that "the powers that be" might reconsider (Like do away with some of those inane so-called comedy shows...maybe consider them or at least one long running one in particular, "Drama" ?). Nah ! Won't happen. Can't. Can't look beyond their own noses. 

Clinton Wright, Kamloops:

Rick, I'm very sorry to hear the news of the cancellation. I have loved the show for quite some time and never miss it. A sad day for Canadian radio. Wish you all the best. Good work!


Chris Paul:

Dear Rick,

Sorry to hear that Dispatches -- one of the best shows on the network -- has been cut, but not surprised, given the attitudes of government and management. Over the past few years I've been switching to listening to the BBC, since they're still interested in producing intelligent, grown-up radio of the sort that people need and deserve. The death of Dispatches will mean the BBC will have my ear for even more hours each week.


Peter Riddihough, Toronto:

Deeply saddened to learn that the show will be cancelled. Dispatches has long been one of my "must listens" Your long format reports have always added valuable depth & insight to stories one might otherwise only catch in headlines and Mr. MacInnes-Rae has been an ideal host.

Several other programs I would have sacrificed first - Dispatches goes to the heart of what I expect and value from the CBC; high calibre journalism I can't find anywhere else.

Thanks for the great work.


Mark MacKenzie, Chilliwack:
          Dispatches is the best show on radio.

Thank you for the intelligent and thought provoking stories.


Paul Blicharski, Oakville:

Dear Rick and company,
I'm very disappointed like many of listeners. With no doubt it is the best program on CBC radio. I can't accept that. It's not over yet, but the same time I want to say "congratulation" to the CBC management for such an "excellent" job. His Excellency Harper will be proud of you, and at the end of the season (I'm sure) you will get your bonuses and medals for your lifetime achievements.

Au revoir


John Azar,  Victoria, BC:

Hello Rick:

It was with GREAT sadness and much disgust that I heard of the cancellation of Dispatches. Your program was a gem.

This will considerably increase the dumbing-down of CBC Radio news.  The so-called "World at - name your time" is shockingly simplistic and trite and doesn't hold a candle to the Dispatches in bringing us the world.

Congratulations to you and your crew for a brilliant program.

Please let me know where else to write if there is any chance of the decision being changed.

All the best.


Lara Gertner:


I am writing to express my extreme disappointment at the cancellation of Dispatches. Although I understand that the CBC is cutting a number of programs in response to federal cuts to the Corporation's budget, I believe Dispatches is an always-excellent program that holds a unique place in the Canadian media market.

Always diverse and intelligent, Dispatches takes Canadians outside of our own borders. There is no other program, neither radio nor television, neither on the CBC nor elsewhere, that brings light to the international issues covered in Dispatches with the same clarity and sensitivity. I can name several radio shows that I would prefer to see cut, and I'm happy to share my thoughts should anyone at the CBC be listening to the opinions and desires of its listeners.



Ian Randall, Toronto:

In my humble opinion Dispatches has consistently produced some of the best radio on the air (and over the internet) and is the only CBC program, among many, where I've listened to every last episode over the past many years.

This program has helped me (and presumably others) to better understand the world and give some extra context beyond the headlines, but moreover present stories, both heavy and light-hearted, that would never reach the conventional headlines. Dispatches' absence in this regard will be sorely missed.

I suppose good programming that features an international perspective is expensive (and so are foreign bureaus), and also expedient for nabobs to chop. I feel impoverished already.


Pierrette Vezina, West Vancouver:

I am so sorry that Dispatches is going to be cut. I have long been a fan and consistently listen to the brilliant podcasts. The analysis and reporting has been much appreciated.

Good luck to Rick in whatever he goes on to do.

Tony Winson, Guelph

 Dear Rick

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to your program.  Something about it
clicks with me like few other CBC programs.  Of course they were going to cancel you!  Such has been the fate of most of my favorite CBC programs over the years. 

Interested to read that you covered the Iran Contra affair.  While you were doing that I was working in Nicaragua for the Sandinista agrarian reform institute, on the inside for a few months. Learned a lot about what 'freedom and democracy' American style looks like for countries that are not quite onside with American foreign policy.

 Anyway, I hope your program can be revived down the line if and when the CBC gets
the funding it needs and deserves.

Best of luck



Lisa Mitchell, Mississauga:


How can they?  Do we not get any input?  Was there no attempt to get feedback from the listeners? 

Surely inane and annoying nonsense like "the irrelevant show" could have gone first?  (the only show - in 10 years of constantly listening to CBC - that is so bad it makes me turn to commercial radio!  Even Danny Finkleman wasn't this terrible - and he was pretty bad!) 

How about the radio dramas?  Afghan-ada was great, but everything else that has come after it has been  just mediocre.  If CBC is going to give us "stories" to listen to - shouldn't they be interesting, compelling, thought provoking - TRUE stories? 

How can I help stop this?  Is there a petition?  An on-line forum? 

This is a terrible, terrible decision - surely there must be room for reconsideration.

Unless Rick has a burning desire to retire - and it was his personal recommendation that the show be cut - please, don't drop this worthwhile, interesting, iconic CBC program.

Sign me an "unhappy listener",


Murray Vetsch, Smithers, BC:

Dear Dispatches and Rick,

I just wanted to write, like I suspect so many others have, to express my great anger and sadness at the loss of such a great show.

Dispatches is by far my favourite program on the radio and I listen to a lot of interesting radio. It has been a source of so many interesting insights into the workings of other countries and cultures and is often one of the few foreign news and doc programs that shows some of the hopeful, positive and amusing things happening in the world.

Even when I lived on the other side of the world and was enjoying living and working in another culture I still downloaded and listened to Dispatches, often on some pretty sketchy all night mountainous bus trips....

I can also say that I am so very glad that I was blessed and had the chance to listen to Dispatches over these years and that when it finally does leave us it will be safely stored away in my personal CBC Hall of Fame along with past favourites such Morningside, Basic Black and Richardson's Roundup.

I'm not sure where you are off to Rick, but I wish you all the best and I really hope that I still get the chance to hear you either on CBC or a podcast of some kind. Yours, is the voice of an old friend even if you don't know it and it will be sorely missed by many of us. Thank-you for all your hard work and dedication over the years.

That being said I know that you, Rick, didn't put the show together by yourself so I want to say a really heart felt thank-you to the whole Dispatches team. We maybe don't know your names but we have all really appreciated your hard work and hope to enjoy it in the future.

Whenever I hear that iconic Mark Knopfler music in the future I will reminisce and probably annoy my kids by recounted how good Dispatches was.

It is funny but just a couple of weeks ago I was saying to my wife how I wish I had pitched a story or a piece of music at least to Dispatches when we lived in Sri Lanka but I guess now I won't get that chance.

Darren MacDonald, Vancouver:

Dispatch Dispatches? There must be some kind of misunderstanding here.

The broad ranging, in depth, and international nature of the show's reportage is not only hands down CBC's finest, but a model for the very trajectory of what is reporting in the connected world - varied and decentralized voices on and from the ground.   By virtue of this scope and structure alone, Dispatches works to dismantle the kinds of ideological redundancies that necessitate budget cuts in the first place. 

Add to this the show's actual substance (something embarrassingly absent from so much of Radio 1) and the respectful, nuanced intelligence and sense of humour that comes through with Rick MacInnes-Rae, and you've got high quality radio. Cutting the show is a major mistake.  Please do away with one (or take two) of the many shows that continually reiterate their own limited perspectives and those of their smug hosts, but continue to dispatch Dispatches.


Kim Reid,  Rosemere, PQ:

I am very upset that Dispatches is being cut. You do such an incredible job and, while I do not have the opportunity to listen at regular times, I listen to your podcasts. I fear that losing Dispatches will be a canary song for the future loss of other equally enlightening and informative programming in Canada. Is this the direction we really want to go? I hope whichever government eventually defeats the current one we have (and I hope that happens in the next election!), replaces the funding to CBC.


John G.Gibson, Judique, NS:

For a long time I have enjoyed Rick's radio show and was disappointed to learn that an axe has fallen. I could easily live without CBC television, but no radio, that is something unimaginable. In a North America which overlooks a great deal outside this continent, and fails to see wisdom in so much, I have always highly valued Dispatches. Commiserations, and well done for such a good and informative radio programme.


Ken O'Brien. St. John's, NL:

I was saddened to hear that Dispatches will be cancelled.  It is a great program and I listen regularly.  The program opens up the wider world to its listeners.

Mr. MacInnes-Rae, I hope that we will hear more for you and the other people involved in the program in future, hopefully on other CBC Radio programs.



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