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Dispatches cancelled. Your comments Part Eight

Due to CBC budget cuts, Dispatches will go off the air in June. Here are some more of your comments about that. (others below)  Add yours, and please tell us where you are writing from.


Jay S. Keystone MD MSc (CTM) FRCPC
Tropical Disease Unit
Toronto General Hospital:


As an expert in tropical medicine with considerable knowledge of the less developed world, I never fail to be amazed at how much more I learn from dispatches, by far ,with no close second, the best programme on CBC radio.Where else on CBC can insular Canadians learn about the world around them? It is disheartening, disappointing and disturbing that this flagship programme is slated to disappear. I am outraged and incredibly saddened by the poor choice of cuts by CBC executives.I may have to go back to listening to CFRB.Bummer!

Rick , you were outstanding, ....and still are!


Anne Trites, North Vancouver, BC:

Like losing a favourite  teacher.

I can't say much more than that. I have been listening since I can't remember when and a more even-handed attitude toward world events - always placed in context. The CBC will be less for this cut, which is what appears to be the government's wish.


Cathy White, Portugal Cove - St. Philip's, Nfld:

Dear Rick:
Today's horrific story about the life of a Liberian woman is just one example of why I am angry about "Dispatches" being cancelled.
I consider myself a "citizen of the world" and have many friends who come from countries like Liberia. I am a member of the Multicultural Woman's Organization of Newfoundland Labrador (MWONL).
Stories of human rights violations are not new to me, as I have personally spent time with 2 female refugees from Liberia. And I have helped them to settle into their new homes in St. John's.
Of all the programs that CBC could cut, "Dispatches" is the last one I would choose.  This moving story (which has just ended) has touched me deeply.
Canadians need to hear these stories...

Jane, Toronto:

Hey Rick, sorry to heard about Dispatches being cancelled. Your show was a life line for me in the last 7 years while I was recovering from c-sections and nursing new babies. When I was bed ridden or too exhausted to read news online, your show fed my need for international news and intelligent dialogue on world issues. Thanks for that and for keeping me company a few times a day.
Good luck with the future


Bob Keelaghan, Calgary:

Hi Folks,
 want to let you know that, in the parlance of our times, downright pissed off that Dispatches was cancelled.  It was a great show.  It hope the staff that produced it will regroup and so another show as good, soon.

Rather than blather, I'll append the complaint e-mail I sent to the CBC.

all the best


PJ Hopper:

Hi Rick.
 I am really sorry to hear that your show is being cancelled. I am just an ordinary Canadian living in a rural area, and I get a lot of my information about the world from the CBC. Your program is always interesting and informative without seeming like a lecture.
 I would pay for a subscription to this program if I was offered the chance to do so in order to keep it going. Maybe its time to think about such solutions.
 Goodbye and good luck Rick and crew.


Edie Hippern, Dartmouth:

Dispatches has to be one of my most favourite shows on CBC I never miss it and oftern listen to the same show on another time slot. Intelligent, thought-provoking and so very informative. Simply exemplary of the best that the CBC does. WHO MADE THIS DECISION! I want to write and tell them how stupid they are. I hope that this is a ploy to make listeners angry enough at the government for  reneging on their promise to leave CBC funding and that this decision will be reversed. What are CBC management thinking? So angry I could chew nails.


Stephen Bates, Wellington, NS:

I've always enjoyed listening to your "Dispatches" from far-flung parts of the world, some of which I've visited.  I also always listen to you on my long commute between Moncton and Halifax.  You are part of the glue that holds our country together.  Stay tuned!


Maggie McGroarty, Toronto:

I am so sorry to hear about your cancellation.  Dispatches is wonderful.  It offers vital background and world information that is not necessarily tied to the latest headlines or atrocities.  Dispatches is distinct from other CBC Radio programming, especially when it airs solution or resolution-based features. Please forward this comment to the CBC president and chair.  I will miss you. 

Your fan

Karen Mitchell, Waterloo:

Wouldn't you know it; one of the few programs I listen to without fail each week on CBC Radio One. Dispatches has provided me with a global and informative window into world issues and I shall miss the program more than I care to think.

I find it hard to imagine there aren't other programs, which I never listen to that could not be cut instead of Dispatches.  I'm really sorry.  Canadians have so few homegrown programs that are so well done and interesting.

Yours sincerely with many thanks

E. Andrews, NL:

The cancellation of this programme goes against the very spirit of the service I thought CBC was supposed to be providing to the people of Canada. What other radio station that we have available is going to provide this sort of programmimg?

This is an extremely short-sighted decision.

Janis Warne, a lifelong CBC fan:

I am so sorry that Dispatches will be cancelled. I realize that choices
had to be made at CBC with the slashing of its budget by the Harper
government (personally, I think that government should be cancelled
instead), but taking such a great, informative program off the air is
really a crime. I'm in my 50s now, and my world travelling days are
over, but I am still keenly interested in what is happening on our
beautiful planet, and your show, as its slogan goes, brings me the
world. Always interesting and insightful, the show has been part of my
continuing education.

I am going to miss you terribly Dispatches. I am also going to do
whatever I can to work for the survival of CBC through the dark years of
the Con government, and after it is voted out, to ensure that CBC
receives all the funding it needs to do its job well. Maybe Dispatches
will return one day. I hope so!



Carole Paquin, Rockport, Ontario:

I am a devoted CBC listener and I am saddened that Rick MacInnes-Rae will no longer be a part of my life. He has brought a valuable perspective on world new into the homes of CBC listeners.
Please, please reconsider; perhaps there is another program that could be cancelled, one not as informative and essential as is Dispatches.


Darce Fardy:

I was amazed, and shouldn't have been, at the public reaction heard on the program today respecting the cancellation of Dispatches. I'm a retired old guy who spent 39 years on the journalism-management side of the corporation.I'm unable to understand the decision. It makes no sense.. Isn't this what public bnroadcasing is designed to do, explain the world to its listeners.. As a publicly supported body the CBC is obliged to explain how that decision was reached and what savings will be achieved by the death of Dispatches...That;s what the Access to Information legislation is all about... requinrg "public bodies" to be accountable to the public.


Christian Morrison, Toronto 


If there is any way to avoid the cancellation of Dispatches, please do it. Compassion and concern for the lives of others, which is what Dispatches is all about, is as Canadian as Hockey Night in Canada and Don Cherry, even.

Dispatches fills a void that will gape larger as conventional media, controlled by interests to vast to list, continues to ignore what's happening on the ground around the world.

Ted Wallace: 

I was, and am, very disappointed to hear that Dispatches will soon be cancelled due to the recent Federal budget cuts.  Being a long time fan of the show, I will miss the insight and in-depth perspective that Dispatches has always brought to the table.  The more personal perspective an international story has, the more personal impact it will have on its listener.  One of your show's greatest strengths was that the stories wove together fragments of detail and intimacy told through personal accounts, that brought us into the world of the teller,  even though the story's setting was often thousands of miles away.

Thank you for your continued work in lessening the distance between here and there.


Catherine Mallory, London, On:

Please let the people who have decided to cancel your programme to reconsider this terrible decision...so many people love your show!


Shawn O'Donnell, Hamilton Ontario:

Dispatches makes me more " Canadian" and proud. Please fight. My vote will COUNT.       


Alex deVries, Ottawa:

I started hearing Dispatches because the radio was on anyway. Then I started listening. Now I will miss it forever.


Valerie Senyk, Guelph:

I am so sorry Dispatches is one of the CBC shows being cut!  It's wonderful to listen to such indepth international stories - the news only gives one a superficial idea of what's occurring. We NEED to have a better grasp of what's occurring internationally - it's the nature of life in our world. I feel cutting Dispatches is a bad decision...Please let my viewpoint be known where it may count.


Vic Mueller, St. Catharines, ON

 To all

I am disappointed to see this program cancelled.  I really enjoyed the information, interviews, and even the sound of Rick's voice - unique.  Thanks Rick.


Paul Paquette, Cambridge, Ontario:

 I'm very saddened by the cancellation of this excellent program. This is a significant loss for all of us. It comes at a time when there are so many other depredations of the elements which form my idea of Canada, and acts as a kind of emblem of all these losses.


Joan Middlebrook:

There has been much discussion among my friends that cbc is dumbing down.  Should we lose Dispatches this is further evidence.  Dispatches is one of the most intelligent, well edited  and informative programs on radio and also tv., It can briefly tell us stories that hit our head and hearts and are truly memorable, thus teaching  us how fortunate we are to live in Canada.

These stories stir our conscience and inspire us to try a little better to help out and improve the society we live in. 


Paula O'Connor:

Hello Dispatches team

I am in denial that Dispatches will cease to air soon. I shall miss it. I am also wondering what it was that forced the decision? Were ratings dropping, costs rising. I would love to know why this show has been axed and not some others that we could clearly do without.

Could Dispatched be saved by reigning in costs, re-budgeting, airing less frequently. PLEEASE!

This diverse and articulate show that looks out at the world is always fascinating. Where is another show that always seeks to cover international issues? Dispatches does so with such clarity and intelligence. Must we have only Canada-centric shows? Is this a dumbing-down of the CBC in some misguided attempt to get more audiences? I am truly at a loss to fathom the thinking behind this decision.

Colleen Stinson, Grayson, SK:

I am so sorry to hear that one of my favorite radio shows is cancelled. It brings the world to rural Canada.  Thank you for all the great journalism and stories over the years.  I will truly miss your show.

Best wishes for the future,

Sean Grant;

With the advent of podcasts, I loved dispatches even more. Anywhere in the world, I can get a little bit of CBC and dispatches, Im saddened that my two girls will not grow up with it. Hang in there, I truly wish it was not cancelled.
Thank God we will save a few dollars in the budget to get 25 billion dollars worth of warcraft.
You will truly be missed.

Derek Blackadder, Cobourg, ON:

My thanks to everyone who has worked on Dispatches over the years.

I listened to the show as much as I could when it was broadcast only, but since the move to podcasting I haven't missed an episode.

I've listened to Dispatches in my local Y and numerous hotel fitness rooms while following doctor's orders.  Without Dispatches I might be dead now, having expired of a heart attack, unable to face the cardio machines without the distraction you gave me, the boredom Disptaches eliminated.

Dispatches was often company on drives across Ontario from Cobourg to Kenora, Timmins to Windsor.

Oddly, Dispatches was also a connection to home in places like India, Nicaragua, Cuba, Turkey, Italy and the UK.  Even if the segment topics weren't Canadian, the take was and so a story about something South African often felt like a bit of home.

I dunno if I am a better person for having been aurally taken to the places you went, but I am certainly better informed and more open to the world than I would have been without you all, and your very good work.  Thanks.


Della Webster, New Brunswick 


I am gutted that I will not be hearing this at the end of Dispatches once July arrives this year.
Your program certainly brought 'The World' to Canadians from Coast to Coast.
It informed, shook us from our complacency and gave us hope for a better, fairer earth.
I am writing my MP as well as Heritage Minister, Hon. James Moore as well as our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper to see if there is anyway that we can save your program from the axe.
I live in hope.

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