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Dispatches cancelled. Your comments, Part Two

Because of budget cuts to CBC, Dispatches will go off the air in June.  Here are more of your comments:


Apollonia Steele of Stratford, ON:

I am so sorry to hear that Dispatches is being cancelled by CBC. While understanding the serious nature of the cuts necessitated by the federal budget, I think that eliminating a programme which has brought such important in-depth stories about the rest of world diminishes us all.

Thank you for the important work you have done.

Randy Kissack of London, ON:
Dear Rick,

I've just seen the headline on the cbcnews.ca website that your show is being cancelled. This is *really* troublesome. Given the budget cuts, I can think of other shows which should go long before yours. One unique feature of your show is its focus on hearing about important situations from places not on the media's standard map. We're already far too U.S.-Canada-Europe (read UK, France, Germany)-centred as it is. Your program is one which is a breath of fresh air to that - truly! Is there ANY way that this announcement can be reversed?

A big fan.

Katherine Reiffenstein of Calgary:

I wanted to express my disappointment at CBC's announcement that Dispatches will be eliminated.  This has long been my favourite CBC radio program.  It has enriched my life and I'm sorry to see it go.

Damaris Rose of Montreal:
Dispatches is one of the most stimulating programs on the radio. It exposes us to a wealth of insights and different ways of looking at different parts of the world that we would never otherwise glimpse. I am extremely sorry and angry that it is going to be axed due to the fall-out from the Harper cuts. I will really miss this program, I would like to thank you and all the staff and contributors for the past 11 years.
All best wishes for the future.

 Richard Kerr of Salt Spring Island, BC:
I very much regret that the Harper cuts to the CBC have led to cancellation of your fine program.  It has brought a much-needed international perspective to listeners.  Thank you for your excellent work over the years.

Richard Kerr

Julia Deans of Toronto:
I always consider myself very lucky when Dispatches comes on the radio when I am listening. I listen and read a lot of news and about current affairs, but love how your pieces explore the less publicized but equally compelling stories of people and places. I am very sad to hear tha Dispatches is going to be ended due to the new cuts, and am sure I'm one of a great many. Thank you for your excellent work - I hope someone will figure out a way for this unique program to live on.

Sarah Haggard of Montreal:
I have just heard of the plan to cut this absolutely excellent show. What can be done to save it?

Devin Longmire of Kindersley, SK:
Dispatches is a program I eagerly anticipate each week, informing me as to world events while I  pass the time under a prairie sun. It is an absolute shame that an engaging and relevant radio program like yours cannot be sustained in Canada, a country of great means. I will sorely miss the program and the stories it brought me, and I like to thank all those responsible for its production.

Virginia Labelle of Whitehorse, Yukon:
I am so disappointed to hear that Dispatches has been cancelled!  This show has always provided such an excellent international and yet personal perspectives:  thoughtful and thought-provoking.  I very much hope that this decision can be reconsidered.  In any case, thank you for all the amazing people and things you have introduced me to over the years!

Matt Sear of Quesnel, BC:

Hi Rick, what a shock... One of my favourite shows. Sorry to see you go,
one of the things that sets us apart from Americans is our knowledge of the
outside world. Your show played a big part in promoting that knowledge. I
hope to see your show back in some incarnation in the future.
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