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Dispatches cancelled. Your comments, Part Three

Because of budget cuts to CBC, Dispatches will go off the air in June.  Here are more of your comments:


Natalie Boisvert of Edmonton:

Best show on the radio, anywhere.
So sorry to see you go.

Best wishes for an uncertain future.

Pat Carrie Smith of Sandspit, British Columbia:

Why, CBC, are you cancelling a world-coverage, great program like Dispatches while keeping such ridiculous nonsense as The Irrelevant show?  Or Jonathan Goldstein's half-hour of arguing and fighting over total silliness? There are many other good entertainment programs on CBC Radio One.
What a blow to the only consistently intellectual program on radio.

Marijke van Wijk of Calgary:


How sad, how very, very sad that dispatches will go off the air.
My best wishes to all of you involved in having put the show on the radio, I shall miss it.

Glenn Lankin of London, Ontario:

As a Canadian I have always considered myself a "citizen of the world" and Dispatches was a window to that wider world, now closed.
Where will we get a Canadian perspective on the wider world?  Not from private broadcasters who are producing fare like "Canada's Got Talent"
Short-sighted move by the CBC and Harper. It's probably part of the plan to further choke off meaningful journalism and critical thinking.
Best of luck to you Rick MacInnes-Rae and your talented team. You can justifiably be proud of the honest and solid journalism Dispatches represents. I fear we will not hear a program like it again, at least not one produced on this continent.


Scott Dobson of Toronto:

Yours is one of the best radio shows anywhere. Why your show would be cancelled escapes me. Please let me know who the knucklehead is who made this call so I can complain to them.

Chris Wills of Mount Albert, Ontario:

I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your show for many years now. I always find it interesting what is going on in other countries. I am disappointed/sad/angry that your show is ending.  

CBC is Canadiana... It has helped me discover what it means to be Canadian, in Canada and throughout the world. Dispatches has made me appreciate what I really have here in Canada.

I will definitely miss your show. I download the podcast every week. Thank you for making it very affordable to travel the globe from my comfort of my house.  

Anna Coghlan of Peachland, BC:

I am deeply saddened by the cuts that will eliminate this programme. There is so little quality radio available - especially for those of us in rural or semi rural locations. The government and CBC seems repeatedly determined to eliminate one of its strongest constituencies -- those who enjoy informative talk radio.

Caroline Newton and Noah Newton Stern of Toronto:

Dear Rick,

I am so sad and upset at the decision to axe Dispatches. It's a fabulous show, and is unique in what it offers. What a terrible mistake to cut something that gives us access to the rest of the world! Couldn't they have cut something like Vinyl Cafe, of which we have had more than enough?

My 12-year-old son has been a huge fan of the show, and has learned so much about the world, and about narrative and the role of radio in learning. He's totally unimpressed and confused by the decision about what got cut.

So thank you, Rick & co. You've been intelligent guides and much appreciated as such. I await your next show...

Please forward this to the appropriate bureaucrat. They need to know that I, for one, am deeply pissed off by their choices, and it leaves fewer shows of interest on CBC radio.

All the best.

Reza Sabet of Ottawa:


Please fell free to forward this to whoever that has the authority to reverse this decision.


I have been a fan of dispatches for years.

Dispatches is one of the unique CBC programs that allows Canadians to view the life of citizens of other countries via radio. Unlike most CBC programs it has a broad and unbiased view of the places it visits. It provides an unfiltered remote view of the locations it visits (I speak from my own experiences in a few cases).

It is truly shameful that other much lower quality CBC shows remain on schedule while Dispatches is cancelled.

Maybe CBC should ask its listeners which shows they want cancelled.

Marilyn Hsiung of Brampton, ON:


I'm shocked and dismayed that Dispatches has been cancelled.  I've looked forward to listening to the show every week for many years to listen to stories that I would never hear anywhere else. The CBC is sadly diminished. I wish the best to all of you who put together such a great show and to all the freelancers who told wonderful stories. You'll all be missed. Thank you for bringing me the world.

Ryan Mulligan:

There was nothing more satisfying than driving to my university classes and listening to your program. My major was International Relations and I can say without a doubt, your program had a deep impact on my outlook on life and my love for the international community. You truly were a program that educated and your legacy will live on in the knowledge you passed down to me. I hope to do you proud.

Thanks for the memories and the incredible care you took in speaking to Canadians.

Agnes Jackson:

I am really, really sorry that Dispatches will no longer be aired. I am a regular listener and will miss it greatly. Perhaps there will be enough outrage heard from us that those that decide might change their minds and reverse this preposterous decision.

Correy of Montreal:

There is plenty of excellent programming on CBC radio, but first and foremost are the Current, As it Happens, and Dispatches. Now one of my three pillars of news analysis is gone, and the loss will be felt. Thank you Rick for the work you've done, and everyone behind the scenes over the years.

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