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Dispatches cancelled. Your comments Part Five

Because of budget cuts to the CBC, Dispatches will go off the air in June.  Here are some more of your comments:


Craig Campbell of Austin, Texas:

I've been listening to Dispatches from Austin, Texas for the last few years and I cannot express my disappointment on hearing the news of cancelation. This is a great loss to Canada and the rest of the English speaking world who might've had the pleasure of tuning in. I'm really speechless. Thank you to Rick MacInnes-Rae and all the other dedicated techs and reporters who've worked to make some of the best radio I've had the pleasure of listening to.

Trina Bottos:  

I feel really badly that Dispatches is being cancelled and I regret that I never contacted the host Rick MacInnes-Rae to tell him how much I've appreciated his eclectic taste in the stories presented and the window on the world that Dispatches provided. I have been a CBC listener and fan almost my whole life and as someone who has lived in Northern Ontario for most of my life I need to be connected to the larger world. I feel that the various radio personalities I've "met" through listening are an appreciated part of my life and I really miss them when they're gone. I resent that I often don't have any preparation for their leaving and have no opportunity to say good-bye or to thank them for the very real contribution they have made through their broadcasts. Rick, I will miss you and Dispatches. Thank-you! Blessings on your future.

Paddy Quinn of Miramichi, NB:

Rick and Crew,

So sorry to hear of your impending cancellation. Your program will be missed One can understand cutbacks in these difficult times, but I question this one. The journalistic excellence of your program will be greatly missed and I feel for you all. Here's hoping for better days ahead.

Warm Regards

Barry Mercer of Sudbury, Ontario:

Just heard the news the show is a victim of budget cuts.  That is not good to hear.  The threat of cuts always lingers over the Corps of course, but it's never fun when your program or your location is named outright  Dispatches was a favourite of mine.  Well done, great stories, an experienced host. I wish you well.

Allan O:

Dear Mr. MacInnes-Rae,

I heard the news today that Dispatches will be cancelled due to budget cuts. How strange of the CBC to cut the great work of foreign correspondents who are at times the only ones willing to report on the struggles faced by the oppressed on their behalf.

Funny though, how all these budget cuts will only be pissed away on planes (with no final price tags), leaky submarines (that neither dive nor fire our torpedoes) and who knows how many flights to remote fishing lodges.

While pondering on the direction of the CBC, I seem to lack the optimism of our Defence Minister for the future of the F-35s.

Thank you so very much for bringing us the lives and struggles of those who fight to truly make a difference in Our World.

With warm remembrance.

Quinn Kuiken of Alberta:


Sorry to hear you go. I guess the Conservatives figure radio isn't enough to bring us the world. Perhaps Peter MacKay will give us all a round-the-world tour in a brand new F-35, sometime a decade from now. Heck, those things can even refuel in the air!

Maria Borys of Ottawa:


Please don't cancel this show which is one of the best at CBC. Feel free to cancel Strombolopolous, "Q" and "Day 6" anytime, there are plenty of those types of shows on the other commercial radiostations, but Dispatches is unique, intelligent and really brings a much needed perspective to all Canadians. It is short-sighted to cancel this show and it will leave a void that can not be filled.

Thank you.

Carolanne Reynolds of West Vancouver, BC:


Say it ain't so!

Dispatches and the Debaters are two of my favourite shows/progs!
How can we let the admin know we don't want it cancelled???

Petition? Email? To whom?

Sharon McNeil of Etobicoke, ON:

I was saddened when I heard that Dispatches has been cancelled. It informs my family about parts of the world which are often ignored. I've listened to you in taxis because the drivers say you keep  them informed about Africa,  as well as other countries in other continents.  Where will we turn once you're gone?  Why would they silence such a wonderful show when is so much fluff on the radio and tv today.  My eyes are swelled with tears because of the loss of my window on the world. You will be missed

Virginia McGowan of Charlottetown, PEI:


Dear Rick,

I heard today that Dispatches, my favourite CBC Radio show, may be cancelled Please don't let that rumour be true! It's an amazing show that takes us, through real stories brilliantly told, to the far reaches of the earth and also to our own backyards. I've learned so much and look forward to each broadcast. I even listen to the re-broadcasts, as the stories are as riveting in repetition as they were in the original.

Everyone who knows about the show loves it. So please please please don't cancel Dispatches. I can think of a number of CBC Radio shows that should go before this one. I hope that the rumour of its demise is grossly exaggerated.


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