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Germany changes streetnames of colonial past

Rob Wells of Edmonton heard Alexa Dvorson's February 16th Dispatches piece about a German group fighting to change streetnames that honour people associated with the atrocities of Germany's colonial past in Africa.

I just listened to your program about the movement to change the names of German streets named after perpetrators of crimes against humanity.
I can only conclude that the Canadian media including the CBC is disingenuous in the way it is quick to expose human rights violations in other countries, yet is willfully blind to the crimes against humanity committed in our own country. Wouldn't it improve your credibility if you also reported on how Dr. Margaret Thompson, as a member of Alberta's Eugenics Board, directed the castrations of infiertile Down's syndrome boys for her genetics research (a fact verified in the Leilani Muir case) and yet Dr. Thompson is honoured with the Order of Canada?  

Wouldn't it also demonstrate journalistic integrety to report to Canadians how the Governor General refuses to strip Dr. Thompson of her Order of Canada in spite of her involvement in these atrocities?   How does the CBC feel about the Edmonton Cancer hospital being named after the Social Credit Health Minister who pressured the Eugenics Board to approve more sterilizations?
I vote for stripping Dr. Thompson of her Order of Canada, and stripping the name "Cross" from the Cross Cancer Institute in Alberta.

Thank you 
p.s.    I've attached a copy of my petition to the Governor General requesting that Dr. Thompson be stripped of her Order of Canada.  My petition was denied. 

Your comments?

David Shenfield of London, UK also commented



Those campaigners removing the streets named after imperial are burying Germany's shameful past. While the name of a mass murderer is apparently honoured his crimes can be named. Your article showed that Hitler was not the first German leader to use genocide for political ends.


Thank you

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