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More on thorium, the "cleaner" nuclear fuel

Gordon McDowell of Calgary sent us an update on Kirk Sorenson and his mission to convince people that thorium can provide a clean nuclear fuel.

This follows an extensive discussion in Your Dispatches since we interviewed Mr. Sorenson.

Rick MacInnes-Rae & CBC folk,

I missed the original airing of Kirk Sorensen's interview with Rick.about thorium -- I believe it might have been...when he came to Calgary to speak at TEDxYYC.

I was shooting Kirk at TEDxYYC, and also shot Kirk at 2 other speaking venues in Calgary.

This footage has been combined with interviews and presentations given in Washington DC, as sort of a poor-man's "Inconvenient Truth"  on the subject. The doc is called THORIUM REMIX 2011.

I hope you'll take 5 minutes to watch the opening summary. The doc is free on YouTube.



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