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Asian carp threat: eat invasive species

Monica Young of Surrey, B.C. heard Rick's piece on the invasive Asian carp (September 8) threatening to breach the electric barriers to The Great Lakes, in Chicago.

Do you guys realise that carps are considered as delicacy in the Orient? They are very expensive in China. Why don't fishermen catch them and sell them back to Asia? We can get frozen carp in T&T Supermarket(a subsidery of Lablaw now) in Western Canada. I have seen alive ones too. But they are very expensive. A Polish friend told me that they eat carp back in Poland but cannot get them here in Canada. From reading, I know the Czechs eat them too for Christmas.

About 10 years ago, the media was talking about those invading crabs from Asia in San Francisco Bay. Again those crabs are considered to be high-end crabs back in China and are extremely expensive. We don't seem to have any enterprising business people to organise(get license) a comcercial fishing/crabbing to catch them for food for ethnic Poles, Chinese or other Oriental, or even export them back to Asia. We can occasionally get these crabs at very high price at T&T Supermarket.

What one Chicago chef is doing

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