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West Kootenay, B.C....workers of the world here

Mike Chapman of Nelson BC wants you to listen to a radio piece he produced:

Dear Rick:

The world you take us to is fascinating, but sometimes it comes to us at home as well, and the encounter is not necessarily pretty.

For a little over a month I've been working on a radio documentary on temporary foreign workers in Canada, with a focus on Mexican farm workers.

It began with my learning of a group of such workers in a West Kootenay sawmill in BC, 600 km away from the Fraser Valley farm where they were supposedly contracted. No official knew they were there. Nor did they know about the flagrant abuse of work safety measures in the sawmill and the kinds of accidents going on there.

With some research, a disturbing picture began to emerge -- a government program run amok, wide-open to rule bending and exploitation. The resulting piece features three interviews --  I speak with a migrant advocate organization, a senior Mexican consulate official, and finally, with people in Ottawa to look at the political decision-making behind it all.

In late April the show came to air on Nelson Kootenay Coop Radio (CJLY). I think it's important stuff and merits wider exposure. If you can use it in some way, great.

The podcast link

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