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Notes on homophobia in Uganda

Rick Armstrong of Hinton, Alberta heard Dennis Porter's piece from a gay bar in Kampala and writes...

Having spent the better part of the last 5 years in Uganda I have read the press, heard the radio, and viewed the television; all of which drip with negative propaganda on this topic. 

Basically, the citizens of the country don't understand it!!  Bishops expound from the pulpit on Sunday feeding the minds of the congregation with conflicting information which paints homosexuals in the same category as pedophiles.

These are the educated who are charged with enlightening the masses and they do so with falsehoods and lies; partly out of ignorance and partly out of the need to enforce and support church doctrines.  When one sits and discusses it with friends and acquaintances, they begin to understand and move towards acceptance and tolerance as they realize how they have been "ignorantized" by those in power and persuasive positions.

This is a private members bill and many world leaders whose countries donate big money to Uganda have warned President Museveni (M7) that it best not see the light of day.  Time will tell if it is introduced again in the next parliament.  The country, which at best has a blurred line between church and state, is in big need of sensitization starting at the top and working down to the working poor who fill the collection plates on Sunday.

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