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Two takes on our coverage

Laird Salton of Tofino, B.C. wirtes of our ... March 24 program

I just listened to your show via podcast, originally broadcast from a couple weeks back, and was reminded again of the quality foreign corresespondance compiled by the CBC/Dispatches program. The bits from Libya were enlightening (from a more than competent, young woman reporter), ditto Chernobyl, and from Japan the segments were by professionals holding nothing back. My favourite was the last piece: the host himself looking sceptically at whether one can relax by the pool beside U.S. Marines. Great program! Thanks!

Donald Macleay of Oakland, California responded to one of those pieces...

I was disappointed with the report on the volunteers training to fight the in revolution in Libya. 

Her report sounded a bit trite and cliche, using words like "rusty old AK" and "have not seen many journalists or western women", and then she asked her translator what people were shouting.

Translator?  You sent a journalist to Libya who does not speak Arab?
I would have expected better from the CBC. 

Listen for yourself

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