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Machine Gun Preacher vs. Shoe String Preacher

Matthew Morycinski of North Vancouver, B.C. heard Machine Gun Preacher on the Feb 3/6 program, and wrote...

Dear Mr. MacInnes-Rae,

I was somewhat startled, but very intrigued, to hear the story of the Machine Gun Preacher. He seems to fight a civil war of one, and I am not entirely against him doing it, as there seems to be no better solution. There really should be a prize for the heads of some of those warlords.

But here lies the trouble. If everyone were thinking this way everywhere, the world would be a slaughterhouse. 

There are simply too many people, who believe that they are solving the world's problems using violence. It is quite true that in the Bronze Age, many of the finest examples of Humanity - in the Preacher's words "God's Men" - were fierce warriors.

Then came more complicated times, and Teachers such as Jesus and Buddha came to insist on non-violence, as the only way out of Humanity's troubles. The Fundamentalists seem to misread that cue entirely. Insisting on Old Testament rules to apply in the time after Christ seems to me to miss the whole point of the Christian value system. I think that the only way to achieve peace in the world is to teach everyone that war is always, in the end, a mistake.

If you want to see real "God's work," (take, for example) Todd Lorentz of Edmonton.

He set up a small charity on a shoe string budget, out of sheer frustration with the inefficiency of larger non-profits. His organization, "One Child's Village"  (http://www.onechildsvillage.org/), not only sets up orphanages and schools, but teaches local people how to do it themselves, with locally available resources. Perhaps this is less "sexy" than living by an AK-47, but I think it could in the end accomplish more.

Matthew Morycinski

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