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Krakow...The Weather With You here

That Song...Rose Condo of Winnipeg heard Karen Palmer tell of hearing Barry White coming out of a speaker in a fortune teller's hut in Ghana, and sends her own musical story

 Hi Rick,

 I'm in my mid-thirties now, but when I was in my late twenties I went traveling through Europe with my dear sister Sue. On our two month journey we encountered countless bizarre moments -- from overnight treks on busses seated next to wacky fellow travelers, to bedbugs in hostels, to strange and wonderful foods to eat, and all sorts of ill-fated attempts at local languages (thank goodness for French classes in high school!).

Rose continues...

Whether in a pub in London or a nightclub in Salzburg, we began to hear songs that would follow us from country to country. One such song found us time and again.... The song is Weather With You by Crowded House, and the quintessential line for our traveling ears was "Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you."

One encounter with this song is particularly memorable. Sue and I had been in Poland for about a week, and two friends of ours from England flew over to join us for a few days in Krakow. We had been out on the town one night, and had stopped at one of Krakow's 19 quadrillion kebab stands. Just as we were watching the proprietor whip together our kebabs with unbelievable speed and dexterity, Weather With You came trickling out of the tiny radio chained to the stand.

We frantically mimed for the kebab man to turn up the radio, which he did and we belted out the chorus of the song and danced in the street. What made the moment even more amazing was that these were the BEST KEBABS EVER.

The next night we went searching around Krakow looking for this same spot, and couldn't find it again in the labyrinthine streets of this wonderful city. That moment of music and delicious late night snack food was incredibly memorable. My sister and I are now both married and living (somewhat) grown up lives, but that song always takes us back to that night in Krakow.

Thanks for reading, and I love your show,

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