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Germany...neeles ant peens here

That Song...Elisabeth Jastrau of Kitchener points to a piece of music from her travels:

As a university student on an exchange program in German many years ago, I had the good fortune to share an apartment with a German student. At the front of our apartment, which was on the ground floor, was a tailor shop. The shop owner was a young German seamstress, very enthusiastic and full of life. It was always a pleasure to speak with her and she was great company for a homesick foreign student.

Understanding her German dialect was a challenge, but speaking with her was a great opportunity for me to practice my German.  Despite having very little understanding of the English language, she loved listening to American and British music on the radio. So one day she asked me about the meaning of a song she had heard quite often. She could not recall many words or much of the melody, but she remembered part of the chorus "neeles ant peens". She told me this was one of her favourite songs and was curious what it meant.

At first I didn't know what she was saying, so she repeated it a few times. Suddenly I realized that the song was Needles And Pins and I told her the meaning. We both had a good laugh at the irony of her loving a song with the words Needles and Pins, she herself being a seamstress...

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