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Nicaragua...the remains of a DC-3 here

That song: Derek Blackadder of Cobourg, Ontario hears an '80s Bruce Cockburn song that made a lot more sense to him later.

In March of 2006 my partner and I joined an 'exposure tour' with a Canadian international Development NGO called Horizons of Friendship. We spent several wonderful weeks wandering around Nicaragua...

...we had an afternoon in a village of less than 100 homes near the Honduran border. On a small hill overlooking the village was a DC-3 that had been used by the Samoza air force during the revolution as a bomber. It had regularly attacked the village, eventually being shot down by the village militia's rifles.

It had been dragged to the hill top and turned into a monument and a point of pride for the entire village.... Every time I hear Bruce Cockburn's If I Had A Rocket Launcher I can close my eyes and see that village below the hill. 

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