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The case for Thorium power continued...

Daniel Donaldson of Toronto heard Rick's October 28/31 interview with Kirk Sorensen about thorium, the energy source both men advocate to replace nuclear power. (More discussion in earlier letters below.)

I have only the highest esteem for Mr McInnes-Rae as a journalist. But my estimation rose with your segment on LFTR (liquid fluoride thorium reactor) with Kirk Sorensen.

I was a life-long anti-nuclear advocate, but about three years ago I read about the incredible promise that the technology Mr Sorensen advocates for. I've spent many hours searching for the downsides of this technology, and I haven't found a compelling argument against yet.

Yet, my searches have also failed to turn up much of anything in the press or media about Thorium. Your program is one of the first I've heard to focus on this enormously promising possible future.

Canada, with its history of nuclear engineering, including a focus on approaches different from the US mainstream, and huge Thorium reserves;to say nothing of the shameful despolation of the Tar Sands should be a world leader in this technology. Perhaps your piece will catch the ear of someone in Ottawa or AECL who will show some intellectual curiosity, and perhaps a little courage, and put us on this path.

Thanks again.

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