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Khao Lak, Thailand...song from the Tsunami

That Song: Mary Heaton of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia offers a song that brings painful memories, and comfort too.

We had just left Thailand for Indonesia the day before the tsunami and (had) made friends with a young Thai girl named Off, who lived in Khao Lak.

She was in charge of the huts we stayed in on the beach, where she disappeared that day, along with so many others.

i really loved her and thought of her as a daughter and wanted to help her in the future start an internet shop.

anyway while staying there i got up at dawn everyday and we danced to the Cold Play song CLOCKS,and we even made up some choreagraphy too.

after the tsunami i made up a story that she was sick and had to go to the hospital so she survived the wave.

of course she didn't but it was so hard for me to accept her death since she was so tiny and defenseless and probably never saw it coming.

For a few years after i had to leave any place that played the song CLOCKS, it was simply too hard to hear and i would start to sob

then one day i heard it and smiled and knew OFF was smiling too and in a better place

how ironic that the song's first words are 'lights go out and i can't be saved; tides that i cannot swim against......'

Mary Heaton, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


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