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Listener dispatches....on the Middle East

After our piece on the fledgling Palestinian film industry, we got a rocket from Monica Schubert in Regina.


In your report, it seems to me that you ignored the most amazing fact of all:  that the cameras were donated by Israelis.  Does this not show good will by the Israelis in wishing to be at peace with their neighbours?  Just imagine Palestinians giving video cameras to Israelis to record mayhem by Palestinian suicide (bombers.)...To leave this aspect aside as you did, shows the bias in your reporting.

Begging to differ, Marie-Reine Lawrence in Ottawa wrote:

Thank-you for your report about the peaceful way Palestinians with cameras resist against the Israeli occupation by documenting the injustices done against them. What was heart warming is the fact that Israelis gave these cameras to the young Palestinians. There is hope for peace in the Middle East.

Our piece about runaway inflation in Zimbabwe prompted Onne de Boer of Cardigan, New Brunswick to get in touch after she heard it in our podcast while power-walking on vacation in the Carribean. She wanted to pass on this story from a relative in Zimbabwe.

His family would have a wheelbarrow full of...Zim dollars. They would be...nervous going into...town to purchase goods with this wheelbarrow full of cash, because thugs would come by and rob them.  The thugs would dump the cash and take the wheelbarrow, because it had more value.

And Will Everett's dispatch about becoming an unexpected guest at somebody else's dinner in India last week caught the attention of Peter Ottis in Ottawa.

It reminded (me) so much of my own experiences in Africa and the Middle East. Linguistic and cultural barriers all too often led to experiences like his... I often found myself in the middle of seemingly-endless meetings, or blindly following a city guide, completely confused at just what exactly I had gotten into. Thankfully, these experiences often lead to great stories that one can laugh about years later. Thanks for a great show.

Your letters. Our thanks. And do keep them coming to dispatches@cbc.ca

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