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Apple critic admits parts of his expose were fabricated

Workers on the Apple production line at the Foxconn complex in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.  In February Apple announced independent monitoring of labour conditions at factories like this one. (Photo/Kin Cheung-AP)

In February, Dispatches ran an excerpt fom a stage monologue called "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs".
In it, monologuist Mike Daisey describes meeting meeting with dozens of Chinese workers who assemble electronics for the world's major companies, including Apple.
Daisey's account was originally aired by the public radio program This American Life.  The program now says it is retracting the Daisey episode.
While the program says it submitted Daisey to a fact-checking process, subsequent checks by others have led This American Life to now say that his account includes "significant fabrications".
This American Life says Daisey lied to them.  Here is a link to the show's side of the story.   
Daisey told This American Life he regretted passing off his art as factual journalism, but says he stands by his one-man-show as theatre.
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