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Surfing with the crocs in a Borneo river

Boats pull surfers to catch the nearly endless flow of waves on the Batang Lupar River in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Photo/Maria Bakkalapulo

Malaysian Borneo, nature gets turned on its head once a month.

Fishermen in Sarawak can go down to the river bank and pluck saltwater shrimp from freshwater.

But this unnatural event, has a natural cause. The surging tidal bore of Sarawak sucks them in from the sea.

And for others, surfing it seems the natural thing to do.

Despite the crocodiles. Listen to Maria Bakkalapulo's View From Here.

If you've seen some natural phenomenon during your experience overseas, email a little dispatch about it to dispatches@cbc.ca and I'll see about getting it on the program. 


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