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L.A.'s Father Dollar Bill dies at 92

Maurice Chase, gave cash to poor

Father Maurice Chase (a.k.a. Dollar Bill) was a featured personality in Jennifer Westaway's documentary on L.A.'s homeless, Scrapping Over Scraps

CBC's Jennifer Westaway's piece on homelessness in Los Angeles won Amnesty International Canada's audio/video media award for 2006. She looked at how the second-largest city in America is, in the words of the its own mayor, the capital of homelessness in America, and why it includes so many African-Americans

Listen to Scrapping Over Scraps

 Father Maurice Chase was known for handing out dollar bills on Los Angeles' skid row, caring more about the gift of human love than about what his beneficiaries did with the money.

Elaine Woo remembers him in the Los Angeles Times

November 23 2011

Nearly every Sunday morning, Thanksgiving and Christmas for almost three decades, the man they called Father Dollar Bill, Father Dollar or just D.B. for Dollar Bill showed up on a skid row sidewalk. He was a white-haired man in a red sweater and a Notre Dame cap, his pockets jammed with crisp green bills, which he patiently handed out until the money was gone.

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