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Al Qaeda: up close with the bosses

Osama bin Laden poses with his then second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri in Afghanistan in 2001. Photo/Reuters

Rahimullah Yusufzai is one of Pakistan's leading journalists and war correspondents.

As the Resident Editor of the Pakistani daily The News's Peshawar bureau, he's considered an authority on the Tribal Areas - the frontier between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Yusufzai was also among the first to repeatedly interview Al Qaeda's past and present leaders, and in this excerpt he recalls the secrecy and stealth surrounding Osama bin Laden.

Hear Rahimullah Yusufzai's account of his first meeting with bin Laden and his advisor Ayman al Zawahri in May, 1998

Click here for the entire interview with Rick Macinnes-Rae

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