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How To Fix A Football Match

Several years ago, longtime Dispatches contributor Declan Hill was vilified in some quarters for his book How To Fix A  Football Match. It outlined the way graft was part of the beautiful game in many parts of the world.  It's becoming clearer all the time how right he was. What started as his Oxford University post graduate thesis has put Declan at the centre of efforts to expose and fix situation.  He writes to us and sends a link to his blog:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It has been a long, hot summer of soccer scandals. I have been working with a number of sports agencies trying to fight against match-fixing, so have not had time to comment before now. Starting today at -http://bit.ly/72Ztbk - I will be posting a three-part series into corruption in international football.

- What I believe FIFA is actually doing about the problem

- What sports associations should be doing about corruption

- What ordinary fans should do to properly protect sports from corruption

I am also on twitter at Declan_hill.

All best wishes to all,

Declan Hill

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