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Pakistan's untold stories

Dispatches contributor Naheed Mustafa has reported to us from Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

 Her article in the recent Foreign Policy magazine calls on western media to pay a lot more attention to the ongoing Taliban terrorism in Pakistan, especially around Peshawar.  Her story, and the continuing comments, paint the ironic picture of The War On Terrorism's biggest ally in the region as the "epicentre of terrorism" itself.

Some of Naheed's work for Dispatches is below. (or click read more)

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This is how we introduced Naheed's piece from Peshawar, in 2008.

Peshawar, without music

The ancient city of Peshawar is at one of history's intersections.

One road continues a tradition of tolerance. The other one leads to ruthless austerity of the Taliban.

Peshawar's on Pakistan's frontier facing Afghanistan. One of the country's seven tribal areas, or agencies as they're known.

The state of Pakistan itself is unwittingly pushing the public there towards the Taliban.

And for those who still need persuading, the Taliban has bombs.

As a child, Dispatches producer Naheed Mustafa used to visit the noisy, sprawling city. But the Peshawar of her memory is no more. Naheed's documentary


 Her adventure into Swat Valley, just before the horrible outbreak of fighting in 2009


Naheed's Shovelling The Rain Away (2009) is a multiple-award winner about the challenge to make meaningful progress in Afghanistan.


 Afghanistan's Left Behinds (2008) earned Naheed a Canadian Association of Journalists finalist for best broadcast documentarty. 


And from April, 2009:

The new narrative in Afghanistan and Pakistan is the resurgence of the Taliban.

And with it come calls to not just talk to the Taliban. Some even suggest it should have some role in running Afghanistan.

Sounds enlightened, tolerant, open-minded -- and practical too.

It might satisfy some of the boys in the Loya Jirga. But for girls, it would be just like old times. Bad times, as we hear from Dispatches producer Naheed Mustafa with a women's rights activist in Kabul.  Naheed's dispatch..

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