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Radio's eyes, The Human Kind Of Eye

Ewa Scheer of Montreal writes:

Dear Mr. MacInnes-Rae,

Recently, my husband and my son heard a very moving story on CBC radio. As they were relating the story to me, I saw tears in their eyes.  I am referring to the story of Rosa Gomez and Antonio Savone aired on Dispatches March 10, 2011.  As I then also listened to the program, I could not help but feel despair and a sense of how cruel humans can be. There are so many stories of suffering. I've never experienced such cruelty but I grew up watching my mother struggle to free herself from memories of WWII in Warsaw.  But seeing how the suffering of others touched my 13-years-old son brought relief.  I wanted to thank you for bringing to light people's struggles. It is so important to us to know regardless how painful it is. 

I also wanted to ask if you might be able to help me in a project I am undertaking. I am an artist and for last few years I've been working on series of pencil drawings devoted to the human eye.  The series is titled The Human Kind of Eye.   Ewa's website

Ewa Sheer's The First Eye, pencil drawing. 

 It was inspired by the experience of witnessing ophthalmological examinations of the eyes. While looking into the patients' eyes with a slit lamp, I found the iris magnificent and the pupil, dark and pulsating, almost frightening. In the series, I draw the eyes of the young and old, of women and men, of those recognized for their achievements and those just beginning life. In a world preoccupied with consumption, novelty and fame for fame's sake, the eyes in the drawings speak of humility, humanity and beauty. 

A year ago Anton Kuerti agreed to allow me to draw his eye as the first of the series.  I am very impressed by Anton Kuerti not only by his incredible achievements but also by his humility.  It takes humility for a man of his stature to agree to collaborate with an unknown artist on a project in which the portrait is only of his eye.   I am also now in contact with Elizabeth and Romeo Dallaire and in process of acquiring permission to draw their eyes.

I thought that the heart wrenching story of Rosa and Antonio's torture and how the eye contact was what sustained them had an incredibly powerful message. I would love to include drawings of Antonio's and Rosa's eyes in my series. 

Sincere regards, Ewa Scheer 

Curently exhibiting Beautiful Organ at Studio 22 Open Gallery in Kingston, Ontario 

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