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Kampala...home of Gadhafi's fan club?

One of the many Gadhafi-themed posters available on the streets of Kampala.  Photo/Dennis Porter

The View from Uganda: Gadhafi rules

Muammar Gadhafi's got a fan club. But why's it so far from home?


Dennis Porter's View From Here

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Cairo...security file free-for-all

Egypt's new old-style State Security 

Egyptians search an office in the state security agency building in Cairo. Photo/Reuters-Mohamed Abd El-Ghany .

In the throes of the recent revolution, some Egyptians found a way into the secret vaults of State Security, and even managed to read their own files.

But instead of a rush of relief at the fall of the Mubarak regime, Dispatches contributor Irris Makler learned that it's fostering growing suspicion about the new one.


Listen to Irris from Cairo

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Tokyo...in the shadow of Fukushima

Shoppers and farmers at a makeshift market in central Tokyo. Photo/Louis Templado

In this View from Here, reporter Craig Dale discovers a makeshift food market in central Tokyo.

It cropped up after the earthquake, created by farmers who've been rejected by their regular wholesalers because they're too close to the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

 Craig's View from Tokyo

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Dakar's wrestling sandbox millionaires

The agony of defeat in the Dakar ring.  Photo/Sean Liliani

Sandbox millionaires

More popular than soccer in many parts of Africa, traditional wrestling has grown into a major sport. 

Every year, wrestlers hoping to achieve fame and fortune converge on Dakar for an annual tournament.

This form of competition, with its rituals and ancient rivalries, is now seen by many fighters as a route from rags to riches.  

Sean Liliani is ring-side in Dakar, Senegal with this week's View From Here.

 Listen to Sean's VFH now

Sean's photo gallery  

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Benghazi, Libya...on the road with the rookie rebels

Libya's rebels, lightly armed when they're armed at all, celebrate a victory over Gadhafi forces at the town of Ajdabiyah. Photo/Reuters.

Libya's insurgents continue their rag-tag rebellion, aided, and sometimes injured, by NATO airstrikes.

The uprising against Colonel Gadhafi is a pretty ad hoc affair in some places, hampered by inexperience and a shortage of gasoline.

CBC correspondent Margaret Evans  travelled with the rebels on their daily commute to and from the war.

 Margaret's essay

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Jordan's protests run deep

The civil unrest roiling through the Arab world is lapping at Jordan's historic City of Seven Hills.

Jordan, a state full of refugees from the Arab-Israeli conflict, is also being punished by its neighbours for supporting Iraq during the Gulf War 21 years ago.

That frames the life of one of the protestors now rising up against the rule of King Abdullah II.  Irish journalist Don Duncan puts a human face on the unrest in the kingdom.

Don's View From Here

It was part of his report on the March 31 Dispatches