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Juba...boatloads of celebration here

In Juba, happy refugees are coming up the Nile by the boatload.

A referendum this weekend will most likely see the south vote to secede from Sudan, and become a new country.

South Sudan has oil, but Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has the pipelines leading north.

Which explains why the old, wanted war-criminal is suddenly making nice with a region he was at war with until the peace deal that created this referendum. And a promise of return for many thousands of exiles.

Listen to Kaj Hasselriis' View from Juba now

Outside of Sudan, exiles all over the world are campaigning for their country's independence. Several activists sat down with Toronto journalist Kennedy Jawoko and outlined their thoughts on the hard work they face, to build a new country that won't become just another of the region's failed states.

In this excerpt, Gordon Ajak, a lawyer and South Sudanese political activist, explains why he believes independence is necessary:

Listen to Gordon Ajak now

South Sudanese lawyer Gordon Ajak, in Toronto. You can hear that discussion in full. 

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