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Ladino: The Jewish music of Spain sung here

Isareli singer Yasmin Levy's father preserved Ladino folk songs from Spain which she is re-styling for new audiences. Photo/Ali Taskiran


Ladino is the music Jews took with them when they were expelled from Spain in 1492. It's finding new audiences, thanks to artists like Yasmin Levy.

Thanks to Dispatches contributor Maria Bakkalapulo in Glasgow at the Celtic Connections music festival.

Her website


Yak manure: from poo to petrol

When Canadian linguist David Harrison went to Mongolia to study the disappearing Tuvan language of the Monchak people, he stayed in the Mongush family yurt.  His job was to collect and stack yak poo.  His southbound view of the northbound yak - here!

This reading is from K. David Harrison's new book The Last Speakers published by National Geographic. Check out our January 27th episode for a full interview with Harrison's global adventures. Read more »

South Sudan...a new national anthem here

South Sudan Hurray! is the national anthem of the world's newest country.

Rick MacInnes-Rae describes how it came to be, and who's behind it.  

Listen to more on the anthem now

Our man from China assesses India

The CBC's China correspondent Anthony Germain has had some scrapes and adventures there.  But, he got a real eye opening when he left China to holiday in India with his family. 

Listen now to his View From Here

Haiti...just another death by cholera

Amy E. A. Osborne is a Canadian medical student who vounteered in Haiti over the Christmas break.  She writes...

 i was hunched down by a bed, making a patient drink ORS when Deska, our driver, came up and tapped me frantically on the shoulder. he tells me there is an emergency. i follow him to the other ward and find a teenage boy lying half-naked on one of the cholera beds. i think to myself that he must be mortified to be lying there, so exposed, his naked buttocks hanging over the hole cut in the cot so his diarrhea will simply fall into the bucket placed below his bed.

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Goma, Congo...Clever Boys here

CBC's Stephen Puddicombe, on assignment in Congo, ran into a musical group with a newsy twist to its presentation. While there, he was in touch with Dispatches for our Soundtrax Special

Stephen and Rick talk about The Clever Boys

Stephen's Congo series begins next week on Dispatches.