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The soundtrack of a randy taxi driver

CBC correspondent Connie Watson expected certain dangers when she got into a taxi to ride into the heart of the war in Kosovo.  But, she wasn't counting on explicit advances of a musical nature from her rogue of a driver.  After hearing her tale you may never think of the Discovery Channel in quite the same way again!

Connie recounts the story for our special Sountracks of Dispatches program.

Listen to it now for a sample what's in the show.

Soundtracks of Dispatches airs on December 28th, right after the 7-am World Report in most time zones.

Join us for this trip around the world with the music from Dispatches, and the stories behind it, from our correspondents, contributors and listeners!

The show will be repeated January 3rd, in most time zones after the news at 5-pm.

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