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Indonesia...western fare displaces tradition here

Sean Isaacs of Almonte, Ontario heard our essay from South Korea on the displacement of the traditional vegetable condiment kimchi by more modern western fare.  He writes about witnessing something similar in Indonesia...

I am Canadian-born, and my wife of almost 20 years is Indonesian. In October of last year, we made a long-overdue return to Indonesia with our two children (7 year-old daughter, and 13 year-old son). It was a special and emotional trip for all of us (our first in 13 years), as not only did our children get to meet their grandmother (and great-grandmother!) for the first time, but we also made a pilgrimage to the rural village in Sumatra that I first spent time in as a teenager on an exchange program almost 25 years earlier. [click below for the rest]

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Afghanistan...Embedded with the Taliban here

Paul Refsdal

Norwegian filmmaker Paul Refsdal went behind the lines with Afghanistan's insurgents. His documentary Taliban: Behind The Masks will be on the US's CNN Network on December 11, presented by Anderson Cooper.

  His full interview with Rick

the film's website

Kampala..The Secret Reach Of "The Family"

Susan Rayf of Toronto heard Carolyn Dunn's The View From Here From Kampala and writes:

Anyone interested in the politics of Uganda and the proposed bill to execute homosexuals should listen to the podcast The Secret Political Reach Of 'The Family' on NPR.  The Family, an american evangelical right wing group, has much influence in Uganda.  A member of The Family sponsored this bill.  Click and scroll down the transcript for the discussion of Uganda.  Great show.  Thanks

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Notes from where the far-away there is here...

In the Dispatches spirit that world news, big and small, is best reported by people on the scene, we've introduced The View From Here. It's a blog where CBC correspondents and Dispatches contributors -- and  our listeners on the move -- can report about the things you can only find out by being there. 

Right now, we're getting word about That Song, a piece of music you associate with events you've witnessed in far-off places, and descriptions of some exotic feasts. 

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Shatila refugee camp...guns are common here

  Posters, some showing Yasser Arafat, the late Palestinian Authority leader, cover a wall in Shatila.   (Nahlah Ayed/CBC)

CBC's Nahlah Ayed is in Lebanon, reporting on the fate of the Palestinian refugees there.

Exiles Without End on cbc.ca

Here's an excerpt from her blog:

If we are to believe what some Shatila residents tell us, guns are pretty common here.

"Are they common? They're in every second house," one camp official told us when the issue came up during a casual conversation.

"Guys are always showing off about how many bullets they have at home," a young man told me in passing.

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Kampala...battling homosexuality here

CBC's Africa correspondent Carolyn Dunn spoke with some leaders of Uganda's anti-homosexual crusade, to produce pieces for several CBC news programs. 

At The House of Parliament Carolyn met MP David Bahati, member of the ruling National Resistance Movement and author of the private-members bill that proposes the death penalty for some homosexuals.  This is the extended edition of that interview.