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NYC 9/11...What's Going On here?

That song: Linda Perry of CBC's New York bureau remembers 9/11.
I was trying to pull our coverage together from our offices at 46th and Third Ave and from our roof, which had a view of the Twin Towers burning and crumbling.
By early afternoon, since no one was really certain of what was happening, I started walking downtown towards Bellevue Hospital with my mini-disc and cell phone. I was going to put some survivors or medical workers on the air with Michael Enright. 
As I walked the smell was overpowering from the fires. The streets on the east side were practically abandoned. There was an eerie quiet. Then I started hearing a song, quiet at first, but as I passed the apartment playing the song it got louder. I stopped to see where the music was coming from. It was an open window on the third floor. I listened for half a minute to What's Going On, by Marvin Gaye, then kept walking south.
When I arrived at the hospital I found there were no survivors there. People were on line to give blood, which the hospital didn't need. I dialed our on-air Toronto number.  
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