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Baku, Azerbaijan: fixing sport corruption here

Declan Hill, author of How To Fix A Soccer Game (and who is also an award-winning Dispatches contributor), writes that he was recently: 

"...in Baku speaking before the ministers of sport for the Council of Europe. They adopted my proposal to begin the process to establish an international anti-corruption agency for sport.  Long way to go, but a good first step."


From Declan's blog:

I have been in the same room with the fixers as they fixed different games in different sports on different continents. The tools that allow them to do this are new. Because this wave of corruption is new, we need a new institution to fight it properly. We need an International Anti-Corruption Agency for sports, designed in part like the World Anti-Doping Agency.

 This Agency can collect and publicize information with no fear of a conflict of interest. This Agency can certify leagues and sports with good governance practices. This Agency can investigate and prosecute the fixers, can educate and train the athletes.

 This Agency could protect sports, so that when the day comes for us to pass them on to our children and their children, we can pass on sports knowing that they are largely corruption free. We can pass on sports that can inspire people, motivate people and make them realize that they are bigger than they think they are...


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