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Brcko, Bosnia... the music brings me back here

That Song: Rick's been through some of the world's rough neighbourhoods in his career.  And pieces of music bring him back to some of them...

He remembers Bosnia, 1992

We thought we'd ask if you associate a particular piece of music with some world event you watched or witnessed. Big or small. Doesn't matter. What was playing when you watched the world changing?

Go where you want with this. Then email your story to dispatches@cbc.ca

Send us your story and the name of your soundtrack, and hear the radio we can make out of it.

Early in the war, CBC producer Dave Anderson and I were driving way in to Bosnia, and well out of our depth.

We were trying to avoid paramilitaries out of Brcko and falling victim to very bad things.

The highway was empty and forbidding. The byways, littered with burnt-out cars and glass from bullet-riddled gas stations.

And Van Morrison always seemed to be on the CD player, singing about enlightenment, though we were way too wired to find any.

But his tune Enlightenment still brings all that back, a comfort, and a taunt.


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