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The Chinese in Zambia... how hard they work here

CBC Beijing correspondent Anthony Germain saw the Chinese at work in Africa earlier this year. Yusef Dodia, a Zambian businessman in the I-T sector, praised the Chinese work ethic.

Dodia: The Chinese will bring in 200 workers to work alongside Zambian workers, shoulder to shoulder in the trenches, in the pits, on the scaffolding. When the project is over the entire busy bee army of construction workers leave. We saw this with Tazara the railway line. 3000 people came in and 3000 people left. They leave and they are not interested in coming back to do maintenance. So they do leave trained Zambians to make sure they don't have to come back. What they are doing is saving us money."

  Then Dodia told this stunning story

  Anthony's China in Africa report to Dispatches

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