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Washington...Franzen, Freedom and Obama here

CBC's Margo Kelly interviewed author Jonathan Franzen in Toronto, for a piece on The World At Six.  Here's part of that interview session, where Franzen reports about meeting  with Barack Obama earlier in the week, and Obama's longing for a rational opposition. Franzen's book Freedom was the president's vacation reading this summer. 

Jonathan Franzen's account of the meeting

Mabou, Cape Breton...unsheepishly "fuaragish" here

Recently, Nacha Raman took us to the majestic Loenarhorgi mountains of Norway, and introduced us to a sheep's-head dish called Smalahove, complete with mouth-watering cheeks. Some of the trimmings made some Canadians feel right at home.

Writer Jim St.Clair of Mull River, Mabou Cape Breton  tasted a familiar dish:

Your item concerning sheep's heads reminded me of the special food served in Gaelic homes in Cape Breton at this season - a halloween and all saints dish of great antiquity. Even our local hospital serves it to patients in obsevation of the tradtion - FUARAG- a Scottish Gaelic word - a mixture of fine raw otatmeal and whipped cream  specially beaten for the occasion- sometimes a little brown sugar added. (Read more, click below)

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London...the tale of MI-5 from here

With the British spy agency making the news again, we thought we'd post the complete interview Rick did last year with Christopher Andrew, the top historian of MI-5.   

 The latest on MI-5/6

The Defence of the Realm: The Authorised History Of MI-5. (Viking Canada).

The full 29:34, from London...

Makira, Madagascar... the forest for the trees here

Anjali Profile Picture.jpg 

 Canadian journalist Anjali Nayar, a frequent Dispatches contributor based in Nairobi, trekked into the hills of Madagascar for Nature magazine, and came back with an award- winning feature.

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Maalula, Syria... meeting Chavez on the road here

Lea Stogdale of Winnipeg writes of an encounter in Syria with the president, his wife and Hugo Chavez on the road to Damascus.

I'm travelling in Syria now. After visiting the impressive and magical Roman ruins of Palmyra and Apamea, Friday was probably going to be an anti-climax: a Crusader citadel followed by ... the churches in the town of Maalula which clings to the side of a steep mountain about an hour's drive from Damascus. The Church of St Sergius was built in AD 325... It is also where Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ, is spoken...

On the road into this predominantly Christian village we passed numerous motorcycle policemen. This meant a visit by important people. Us? Well, maybe not. We were just sitting down to a late lunch when excitement ruffled the air. Two black Audis arrived. It was President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria, driving, accompanied by his attractive and modern wife, and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela (having just left Iran).

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NYC 9/11...What's Going On here?

That song: Linda Perry of CBC's New York bureau remembers 9/11.
I was trying to pull our coverage together from our offices at 46th and Third Ave and from our roof, which had a view of the Twin Towers burning and crumbling.
By early afternoon, since no one was really certain of what was happening, I started walking downtown towards Bellevue Hospital with my mini-disc and cell phone. I was going to put some survivors or medical workers on the air with Michael Enright. 
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